Clash of Clans – Best Defense and Attack Strategy Of The Year

In Clash of Clans, most of the players are playing very offensively, but if you are a player who wants to concentrate more on defense, then, you will want to read this article. However, in this article we will cover both kinds of strategies: Defense & Attack.

Defending Strategy

If you don’t want to waste a lot of time by training troops, finding targets and farming their resources, then this is the strategy you want to use. By using this strategy, you will barely attack someone and you will get Trophies by just getting attacked, because you will win most of the fights. However, this strategy requires a lot of patience and not many players have it these days. A 100% defensive layout will not have offensive buildings such as Spell Factory, Barracks, Army Camps or Laboratory. Since you have a defensive layout, you will want to keep your level as low as possible.

Attacking Strategy

A great combo that will allow you to destroy with ease a lot of villages is the one formed from Healers and Giants. Healers are units that fly while Giants are some big units, with a lot of HP. While attacking with this setup, you will want to firstly deploy all your Giants, and after that the Healers. However, do not deploy the Healers too soon, in case the village you attack has Air Defense, because that building will be able to kill you Healers very fast. Instead, just go with your Giants straight to Air Defense, destroy it fast and shortly after that deploy your Healers. Then the Healers will keep Giants alive by healing them now and then.

To make this strategy more useful, you can come with some Wall Breakers, in order to let Giants in or Barbarians to take some damage from the Giants or Wall breakers. If you like a mixed army, then you can also bring some Archers for some extra damage and Goblins for stealing fast their resources.

Building and Training

In Clash of Clans, you have Elixir and Gold as resources. You can’t just upgrade Elixir or Gold, because they are somehow “linked” to one another. For example, to upgrade your Elixir storages and collectors, you will need Gold, while upgrading Gold mines and storages you will need Elixir. With other words, you will have to keep upgrading both of the resources, since all the buildings inside your village will require either Elixir or Gold. If you are an offensive player, you will most likely more Elixir resources since you will need Elixirs to train your troops.

At the same time, you will still need some Gold, in case you are looking for an easy target. For each search you will need Gold and if you are unlucky, you can spend a lot of Gold.

Clash of Clans is and has been a very popular game right before its release. Everyday there are many players who join the game while others leave it, but at the end of the day, this game keeps growing and Supercell has done a great job with their game.

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