WhatsApp Free Calls a Fresh Problem for Skype Free Download App

WhatsApp free calls are finally possible.

After more than five years of operations, WhatsApp has finally launched the free voice calling feature for its users numbering more than 700 million.

The millions of people who make use of this application in sending and receiving messages will now be able to use the same app to make free voice calls to the same users they have been chatting with. This is great news for these users as they have waited for ages just for this feature.

The news comes in just after WhatsApp had launched their PC client, WhatsApp Web, which lets users of this application have their conversations on their PCs rather than the usual mobile phone. Even though this WhatsApp Web client for PCs has some limitations of its own among them incompatible with iOS devices and other web browsers apart from Google Chrome, the feature comes as a relief to the many, who were depending on emulators in order to bring this application to their PCs.

These numerous changes that have been coming WhatsApp’s way in the recent past can be attributed to last year’s takeover of this instant messenger by Facebook. One can only imagine what the future holds for this application if such enormous changes can take place in such a short period of time.

The WhatsApp free voice calling feature has been coming for years. Users have been demanding this feature, but WhatsApp was somehow reluctant to roll it out.

Why WhatsApp was reluctant with rolling out the voice calling feature

WhatsApp free voice calls were supposed to happen by the end of the last year; however, things kept changing for one reason or the other and this date had to wait until February 2015. However, these delays were not intentional, as many may think. According to a senior WhatsApp official, the delay was being caused by technical issues, for which the company was looking to have permanent solutions before going ahead with the rolling out of the WhatsApp free calling feature. One such technical problem was access to all microphones on all phones that will be using this application.

Furthermore, our source revealed that the delay was due to the fact that WhatsApp was looking into ways in which it would ensure all of its users, including the large percentage that is in developing countries where internet connection is still a problem, have access to seamless calls. This means that the new WhatsApp free calling feature will be capable of offering users with near perfect voice calls even in poor network areas, something that is very hard to achieve with Skype.

WhatsApp for PC Messenger to come with Free Calling Feature

As noted above, WhatsApp recently launched a PC client where users can enjoy chatting from a PC. However, this PC web client has some limitations and these include limited support of devices as well web browsers.

Only Android, Windows Phone, Nokia and BlackBerry users can access the services of the WhatsApp Web on their PCs. iOS users on the other hand have been left out due to what WhatsApp terms as “Apple platform limitations”. In order to take care of these limitations, it is thought that WhatsApp is coming up with a new native client for PCs which can be installed on Macs without the need of an iOS device to mirror the app. In essence, WhatsApp for PC Messenger will be a standalone application that will also include the free voice calling services.

WhatsApp is also expected to offer free video calls sometimes later when the voice calling feature is fully integrated into the platform. With the ability to make calls, WhatsApp is going to offer a new experience of communication to users.

Skype, Viber, WeChat, Line and other VoIP apps in danger with new WhatsApp free calls feature

Skype is the undisputed king of VoIP messengers and this is expected, considering the duration this app has been around. However, WhatsApp has come in and it has a user base that is almost similar to that of Skype, where the former has a user base of more than 700 million people, while the latter has more than 750 million users to its name.

Skype has arguably maintained its position at the top, due to the lack of the voice calling feature in WhatsApp and following the launch of this feature, coupled with exceptional coverage in poor network areas and a new WhatsApp PC Messenger; Skype, WeChat, Viber, and Line are for sure in great danger as more and more people will keep joining WhatsApp at their expense.

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