Minecraft PS3 – Offering an Absorbing and Totally Satisfying Experience

Constrained but Satisfying

Minecraft is a sandbox game that has been offered in several platforms over several years. All you need is imagination and a pickaxe to make anything possible. You can create a sprawling city with actual and fictional landmarks or even a whole country, using the voxel blocks of the game. The original version was first released for the desktop and the digital version of the Minecraft PS3 for PlayStation 3 was released in December 2013. The PS3 version has been making steady progress towards catching up with the PC version. This has been done with the introduction of additional materials and biomes along with the villager trading features. It is still not possible to ride a horse over the grassy plains or produce stained glass in the PS3 version of the game. Yet, the game continues to offer a satisfying experience in the PS3 version as well, though its world is a little constrained.

Nearly Identical

At first sight, it seems that MInecraft PS3 is almost similar to the Xbox 360 sibling. The controls in both the versions are the same. 4J studios offer the version for PS3 with the same sharp and fluid controls. Using the DualShock controller, you can punch trees equally well, craft tools for tackling the mines and the spider jockeys. It is easy to get into the thick of the game with your sword or your pickaxe, without the need for having a mouse or a keyboard for tackling the wilds in the game.

Simple Crafting System – More Accessible

Another notable feature is the simple crafting feature of the game offering a streamlined transition. You can see the crafting menu and scroll through items for building things. There are some items that can be crafted right away and these are in full color, whereas the other is opaque. This eliminates the previous trial and error method offered in the PC version of the game, as players had to actually place a resource like an iron ingot or lumber stack on the crafting table grid in order to produce an item. The crafting system is more toned down, which makes it easier for players to jump onto the game and start creating pieces quickly, without the need for a how to guide.

Option Cosmetics

The main difference between the Xbox 360 version and the PS3 version is the optional cosmetics. Skin packs can be downloaded in the Xbox 360 version, but such options are not available in the Minecraft PS3. However, you can buy a pack with skins that are console exclusive in the Killzone game series, though many texture packs are not yet available.

Tip System

The crafting system could be a little daunting in the beginning, but Minecraft for PS3 also comes with a tip system helping players through. The path from a basic structure to a huge fortress is surely a difficult one, but it can offer a lot of satisfaction. Tooltips are offered as hints and players can use these for glimpsing the tools and materials as well as other assets. There is also a comprehensive tutorial mode, where you can get information on the more complex aspects of the game, such as the enchantments; potions and Redstone mechanics and so on.

Comparison with the PC Version

However, Minecraft PS3 is not yet up to the level of the PC version, in terms of both content and the performance. The space for building the empire is smaller, whereas it is infinite in the PC version. An ocean closes in on the land that is randomly generated. In addition, the details are cleaner in the PC version and the view distance is bigger.

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