WhatsApp Download and Multiple Photo-Sharing – A How-To Guide

You can now use lots of additional iPhone features on the newly-updated WhatsApp’s app including easy number porting, iCloud backups. You can actually now do multiple photo-sharing easily, and all at the same time and all from the same screen, with WhatsApp.

Selecting and sharing multiple photos via WhatsApp is really basicaly the same process as sending a photo message just like any other, except that at the second step, WhatsApp allows the option of adding multiple photos at once.

So! How exactly do you use WhatsApp to send multiple photos on an iPhone? Well, it’s a pretty simple process, and here’s how:

First, you find the “media sharing” button next to the text field, and then tap that. Then, find and select “Choose Existing Photo”, and find one of the photos you want to send. At this point, you can only choose one because this isn’t the screen where you pick multiple photos.

Once the phone goes to the next screen after you’ve chosen the photo, find and tap the plus sign. Now, we get to the good part, because this is where you’ll find the multiple photo selection option. At this point, all you have to do is find and choose up to 10 photos you want to send. After all the photos are added, tap “Done”, and then “Send”. And that’s it.

When the photos send, they’ll be delivered as if you sent them individually. Even though WhatsApp is not the first app with the option of multiple photo-sharing, this is still noteworthy news because of the massive user base registered with WhatsApp who would definitely depend on such a feature. It’s even possible that WhatsApp usership might reach an all-time high with the advent of this new update.

Now, WhatsApp also comes with an iCloud backup, where you can back the data up either manually whenever you want, or program your device to do it automatically on a schedule of every day, week, or month.

WhatsApp will be free for the first year, and then, it’s a 99-cent yearly subscription.

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