Accessories for Apple iPad Air 2 – Upgrade and Protect your iPad

Once you get your hands on the brand new iPad Air 2, you will surely try out some of the amazing new and updated features, as well as download some fun and helpful apps.

But, you should keep in mind that there is also a load of interesting and great accessories that can improve your iPad Air 2 experience. Apart from this, many of these accessories provide your iPad with protection, so check out some of the many extras for your device and make sure to choose the right ones.

Phorce Pro

As you carry your iPad or some other device around in the Phorce Pro bag, it charges it. This bag has a large power core and it can charge your tablet, laptop, and smartphone at once. It also gives you updates on how much battery life is left in your devices, as well as how much power is left in the Phorce Pro bag. It is also equipped with a waterproof design and foam padding that is shock resistant. However, the price of around $600 is quite a downside of this bag.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

You can use this keyboard within 30 feet of your iPad thanks to its Bluetooth technology. Its responsive and crisp keys will provide you with an amazing, easy typing experience. This keyboard requires only two AA batteries that can last long because the keyboard automatically turns off, if you’re not using it and turns back, the moment you start using it.

Chambray Cover Case

The Belkin Chambray Cover Case is made of a durable material and has built-in magnets in the frame, so the front cover is secure and closed, while you’re on the go. The Chambray Cover iPad Air Case’s design allows you to have full access to buttons, camera, ports and speakers. This cover is designed primarily to keep your iPad Air 2 secure and safe. Also, with this cover, you can place your iPad at any angle you like thanks to grip suede lining on the inside. Another great thing about this cover is an integrated hinge stop in the stand so your iPad screen won’t move while you’re swiping, typing or navigating.


This is a both sound system and a case for your iPad Air 2. It has dual speakers that produce a loud and clean sound for seven hours. Once it’s connected to the back of your iPad Air 2, it synchronizes up with the Bluetooth. Design of Amp is its really cool feature, since the foldout speakers act as a protective case too. You can create your own small theater by fully stretching the foldout speakers and propping up your iPad.

You can enhance your iPad Air 2 experience by using some of the many amazing accessories available on the market. Not only will you upgrade and improve your iPad, but protect it too. There is an accessory for almost anything-whether you need one for listening to music, typing, streaming stuff to your TV, etc.

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