Windows 10 Leaked Screenshots Show 3D Live Titles, Improved User Interface

Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned with their Windows 10 operating system.

They had to face a lot of criticism with Windows 8, but with all the errors rectified, this is easily the best OS to launch in a long time now.

Whenever the company introduces new ideas, people have a strong opinion about it. The jump from Windows 98 series to the XP was not so welcome, but now the consumers say that it is the best operating system to land for computers. A similar issue was faced when Vista got launched, because it occupied majority of the systems’ storage space on the hard disk and made it tough for the users to focus on other tasks. Microsoft sprung back to form with the Windows 7 and now comes their next that is going to finally make Metro UI stylish again. And, it is also going to be the one that will finally make an OS designed for keyboard, mouse as well as a touch screen interface.

Leaked Screenshots Confirm 3D Titles

When the entire world and big tech companies including Apple, Google were obsessed with adding mesh layered icons, Microsoft took a bold step forward by introducing a flatter design. The idea caught on and every website started following it. Even the newly launched iOS 8 and Android 5.0 Lollipop material designs follow the same pattern set by the company.

They did follow the flat pattern, but a leaked screenshot from a Chinese website IT Home confirms that Windows 10 will have 3D live tiles. While they still maintain the flat design without any fancy layers being added to it, the tiles will now have the capability to display an image as a rectangular box. They can be fully rotated in 3D style and will have different information on each face, which is what we could assume based on the leaked images.

July Release

Leaked information from AMD confirms that Windows 10 will get launched in late July. At the moment, the technical preview is live, but it doesn’t have any information with regard to the 3D tiles so far and the modified user interface. They have not modified it completely but rather made it more accessible with an intuitive design.

The search function has been revamped to make it easier for you to find things you need and apart from all this, you can also access all the Metro apps with the comfort of your desktop. It’s a feature that PC users would adore.

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