Droid Turbo vs Galaxy S5: Which is better?

With so many different options to choose from, it is incredibly difficult to decide what phone will best suit your needs. Just in time for the holiday season, you have two great phones to consider. Released in April of 2014, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was well received and is very popular with shoppers. On Motorola’s side, they have the more recently released Droid Turbo.

Now, we’ll look at both of these smart phones to decide, Droid Turbo vs Galaxy S5; which ones right for you?


A lot of buyers are now selecting their phones based solely on the size of the screen. The good news is that both the Galaxy S5 and the Droid Turbo both offer a larger screen for your viewing pleasure. The Galaxy has one of the best displays of the year. You will not be disappointed with the view or clarity that it provides on its 5.1-inch screen. The Turbo comes in at 5.2-inches; it has a 2k display and a resolution of 2560×1440. Both phones offer crystal clear viewing with large bezels. It also has enough room for a second camera in the front of the screen.


Anyone with an old Droid phone will recognize the design of the Turbo. It shares many characteristics of previous versions, but that’s not a bad things. It has a great feel and its coating is scratch resistant. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was crafted completely out of plastic and it feels incredibly light in your hands. However, the plastic does not look or feel as nice as the Droid Turbo. While the Galaxy is only 16GB, it provides a micro-SD slot for more space. The Droid comes with 32GB but that’s all the space you’ll have unless you use a cloud storage app. If having a lot of free space is important, this could be an issue.


Both phones run Android KitKat and neither of them are overloaded with apps that lower its speed. The S5 allows you to use the phone one-handed, view multiple windows and it has a special mode for children. It also has a 2.800 mAh battery. Droid has a much better battery life with 3,900 mAh. In the Play Store, you will always find apps that keep this food constantly up-to-date.


Both of these smartphones are available for $599.99. If you want a better deal, you will have to go with their contracts. Verizon sells both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Droid Turn for $199.99 with a two year contract. With identical prices, you won’t be able to make a decision based solely on price.

In the end, in the battle of Droid Turbo vs Galaxy S5 is a difficult one. They are equal in many instances. You will really have to look harder at the system specs if you hope to truly make decision between them. With similar screen sizes, view and price, it may come down who has the bigger battery or how much space you think you will need.

If specs aren’t a concern of yours, go for the one that you find most aesthetically pleasing. No matter which smartphone you choose, you won’t disappoints as they are both superior phones.

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