WhatsApp Download APK for S40 Symbian and Nokia Asha Devices

WhatsApp has been rapidly alluring millions and millions of users from every corner of the world. Everybody enjoys using WhatsApp because it comes packed with accessible features and a fun UI. Just ask yourself if you can image life without this interactive application? Most people cannot. This app helps people keep in touch with one another and it does so without charging them.

WhatsApp for Nokia Asha and S40 Symbian Gadgets:

And of course, WhatsApps had in stored another surprise for all its fans out there—the VoIP services. This allows you to initiate calls using the Voice Call that was recently implemented in the app. Those who own an iOS, Blackberry 10 or Android can fully profit from this new addition. But maybe just maybe, the Nokia Asha as well as the S40 Symbian devices will also receive the Voice Call feature in the near future. However, up until now WhatsApp hasn’t made it official.

Nokia was number one back in the old days and rolled out a bunch of Asha devices. Inexpensive handsets were perfect for those who couldn’t afford a fancy smartphone.

Downloading WhatsApp for Nokia Asha and S40 Symbian Devices minus the Voice Call Feature  

These handsets were well-received because of their economical price tag (somewhere between $60 and $100). Users were also pleased with its overall performance and the rest of the additional features. So, even long after it was released, users still purchased it. This all ended once Nokia was purchased by the Microsoft Company. The Nokia Lumia handsets were Microsoft’s attempt to launch other affordable devices, but users didn’t fall for it and continued to use the Asha and the S40 handsets.

Whatssapp and all of its features can currently be used on the Nokia devices. The only one that hasn’t reached the latter handsets is the voice call feature. But hopefully, this will happen soon.

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