WhatsApp Download 2.11.690 Stable Version for Windows Phone – Voice Calls Improvements

The developers of WhatsApp have released a new version for the Windows Phone platform. This time it’s about the WhatsApp version 2.11.690 which, apparently, doesn’t come with many changes and it contains only a few performance improvements and bug fixes.

We’re pretty sure that a lot of WhatsApp users that own a Windows Phone expected more from this new update such as the Voice Calling feature. The WhatsApp Voice Calling feature was firstly released for Android users but shortly after that, it was released for iOS also. Now, the feature has finally arrived to the BlackBerry 10 users and there are rumors which say that it will be released for the Windows Phone users soon.

We’re not sure on how soon this will happen, but WhatsApp’s developers need to understand that they have a big amount of users who own a Windows Phone device. This means that they will have to release a Voice Calling feature for the Windows Phone users soon enough or else these users will decide to uninstall WhatsApp and use an alternative VoIP application.

However, we’re pretty sure that WhatsApp’s developers will release a new version for Windows Phone that will have the Voice Calling feature included. Also, it is good to know that there are already rumors saying that the Video Calling feature will be implemented into the WhatsApp application. If this proves to be right, the first WhatsApp version that will receive the update will most likely be Android.

After buying WhatsApp, Facebook did a good job with it and they continue to surprise us with some nice features to the application. Currently, there are over 800 million monthly active users and there are new users who are installing the application everyday.

WhatsApp 2.11.690 STABLE version on Windows Phone: How to install it

Since the WhatsApp 2.11.690 is the latest STABLE version for Windows Phone, it can be found on the Windows Phone Store. So, if you want to install it on your Windows Phone device, open Windows Phone Store, search for WhatsApp and install it on your smartphone.

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