Here’s Why You Must Download Gmail App for Android Now

Gmail is being used by more than 900 million people from all over the world.

This number keeps increasing thanks to the numerous Android activations that take place on a daily basis from all angles of the globe.

If you haven’t downloaded and installed the latest version of Gmail app on your Android device, then you are missing on one of the best email clients ever. When it comes to the email world, Gmail is without a shadow of doubt the leading service provider. It is no wonder the mobile app has now gone further to include the ability to log into other email accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. This is just one among the many reasons there is to love Gmail. There are numerous features that will help you arrange your emails in an appealing manner, easily send and receive emails, as well as search for messages easily.

So, why should you download and install the latest version of Gmail app on your Android device?

The Gmail filters

There is no better email client than Gmail when it comes to organizing emails. Gmail is equipped with filters where you can organize your emails according to their source. Those from social networking sites will be stored in the Social tab while those from the advertisers, newsletters and shopping sites will be available in the Promotions tab. The Primary tab homes the main emails while the Forums tab is home to emails from online groups, mailing lists and discussion forums.

Using keyboard shortcuts

You can access various Gmail services using keyboard shortcuts; however, you’ll have to keep your memory fresh. The shortcuts are available on Gmail or you can get them via a simple Google search. These shortcuts will help a lot in navigating quickly across emails as well as responding to them easily.

Using priority inbox

If your Gmail inbox is usually flooded with emails that leave you confused on which messages to open first, you’ll need the priority inbox tool. Using priority inbox, you can sort out all your emails according to priorities set by you. This makes reading numerous emails easier as you can easily locate each email according to the priorities you allocated it. For instance, you can use stars to mark important emails. It is also possible to flag an email as spam and it will never appear in your main inbox.

Free video calls

Gmail is not just an email platform; rather, it can also be used as a video chatting app. Users of Gmail can make free video calls to each other. This eliminates the need to install other apps like Skype for the same video chatting services.

Using Gmail offline

Gmail is an email client and unlike most email clients, Gmail allows users to access their emails even without an internet connection. Using a feature known as Google gear, it is possible to open the Gmail app and read through any previous mail without the need of an internet connection.

Integrate different email accounts

The latest version of Gmail app comes with a unique addition. It is now possible to use more than one account on the same app, be it a Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Hotmail account. This feature ensures that you check all your emails using one app rather than install multiple email managers on your phone.

Bottom line

Gmail is for sure an amazing email client. However, if you want an easier life with this email manager, downloading and installing the Gmail app on your Android device will save you lots of hassles, especially when on the go. Download the app today and enjoy these amazing advantages.

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