The Sims 4 – Expected Expansion Packs on Release Date

The upcoming title has lots of expectation surrounding it because EA decided to keep making profits from Sims 3 and postponed the release date of a new game to the far future.

The disturbing thing is that there is still no release date for The Sims 4 and the player community is eagerly awaiting some confirmation. Instead of talking about the actual game and when Maxis will be ready with it, EA has now started sending surveys requesting fans to list the expansion packs that they like to see in the new game after it is launched. It’s EA and you can hardly expect anything else out of them than asking you to subscribe for premium content already. The survey also questioned players whether they will be willing to shell out $100 or so for an annual subscription.

A Survey Is Out

Every skin and expansion pack released during the year will be available for free to players who choose to be part of this elite player community. Many already feel that the game will definitely have lots of DLC content to purchase which will become a pricey affair and going for an annual subscription would be a more feasible option. It is to be known whether such a plan will be introduced on release date but the survey on The Sims 4 definitely sounds official. At first, it was just one player but now many have started posting images showing different questions asked in the survey which also includes a brief expansion pack list. Most of them are definitely interesting and the survey wants to know what the most wanted packs from the list are. It might either help EA price them higher or release them first.

The expected expansion packs will include university, generation, seasons, pets, time travel and a dedicated magic school pack. The last one is very similar to the Harry Potter movies because it will allow you to join a wizardry school and make your sim into a wizard. Such interesting additions add hype to the already anticipated The Sims 4 game. It is yet to be known how big the world will be and the magic school pack features. It was only mentioned as an expansion pack on the survey while all other packs are already familiar to players. Some of them opine that Pets and University are nothing new to look forward to expect that they might look better on the next gen consoles.

Multiple Expansions Discussed

A release date announcement was expected during the game developers’ conference 2014 but the developers talked about concurrent interactions and the Sims being able to do multiple tasks at the same time similar to people in real life. The virtual character will no longer be limited to watching television or talking to a person but will be capable of doing them all at once including eating a popcorn while watching a flick on television. According to the survey, there could be nearly 12 to 16 expansion packs scheduled for The Sims 4 title but maybe EA has others up its sleeve as well. The actual release date for the game is under wraps but it is speculated to be in fall 2014.

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