WhatsApp – Best Free Messaging App Available For Download?

If you are looking to download the very best messaging app that costs you absolutely no money whatsoever, then WhatsApp is where all of the action is currently at. This app has been downloaded by over 700 million people and that figure is still rising and that alone should tell you that there has to be something rather special about this app. Quite simply, it is seen as being number one in this particular part of the market and it is easy to understand why when you check out what it has to offer.

The Features.

There are numerous features with this app, but the best part is that they have not overdone it and made the app complex to understand. Its main focus is on allowing you send messages to other users, but it also allows you to send small video files, images, and short voice messages via their instant chat section. There are no adverts on there to annoy you and neither are there any games to complicate things, so it is a straightforward chat app that is very easy to work.

New Additions.

However, even though WhatsApp is the most popular app of its kind, there were some people that were afraid of it losing its position to a number of up and coming apps that offered just a bit more than they were capable of doing. This has fortunately changed in recent times, and mainly since they were bought over by Facebook, and the first change is in the introduction of free voice calls between users as this is an area that they have been lacking in and it just helps to really widen their appeal.

This free voice chat option is currently on trial, but it is going to be released in full during 2015 and you can expect it to make a huge difference and probably lead to a number of people leaving the likes of Skype or Viber as both of those apps had been making headway against WhatsApp.
So why is it the best?

  1. The app is free to download and install.
  2. It does not complicate things with games or adverts.
  3. It allows you to send instant messages.
  4. You can send photos to one another as well as voice messages and short clips.
  5. The speed at which the messages are sent is amazing.
  6. Free voice chat is coming in the near future.

WhatsApp was not the first app of this kind to hit the market, but there is no doubt that it has managed to become the most popular app in the industry by a huge margin. It is number one as it is just so easy and there is really nothing to complain about with the way it works or what it offers.

Yes, you could have argued that voice chat hampered it, but they have addressed that now and with a number of other anticipated changes in the pipeline, the future looks bright for WhatsApp as well as the hundreds of millions of people that have downloaded it.

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