Flash Player 18 – Free Download The Latest Beta Version With HD Quality Video

Flash Player is needed for viewing multimedia files and executing rich Internet applications or streaming video and audio files embed into websites. This software will run on computers and mobile devices, from a web browser as a browser plug-in. A few days ago, a new beta version was released and it’s codenamed Presidio.

Flash Player is installed on over 90 percent of the computers that are connected to the internet and many owners don’t even know that are using this software. Newbies who start using computers for the first time and visit various websites rich in multimedia files, to view them or to play games, they are required to install Flash Player. Over 400 million from a total of 1 billion computers connected to the internet have been updating to the new version of Flash Player in the past six years and on April 22, a new beta version (, which can be downloaded from labs.adobe.com.

Below, we will tell you more about the features that this version comes with:

Stage 3D

With this feature, you can run 2D and 3D games, and it will use the accelerated GPU rendering, DirectX and OpenGL.

Multicore rendering

The player will use the high performance vector graphics to watch videos at a resolution of 1080pixels and will take advantage of all four cores of the processor.

Protected content

The users will stream protected video content (video on demand, HD rental, live broadcast).

A better mouse control

The users will control their mouse better, to lock, scroll right and left and to use better the middle click button.

HD quality video

With Flash Player, the users will play HD videos using standard codecs (MP3, AAC and H.264) and the videos will be played at the best performance thanks to the GPU hardware optimization.


With ActionScript, when playing games you will have a better experience, because they will respond faster and will run at high performance. The ByteArray feature is excellent for optimizing the writing, reading and working with binary data.

Full screen support

We all like to watch videos or to play games in full screen and Flash Player supports this mode, giving you full keyboard control to all browsers and OS.

The Flash Player 18 version came with some fixed for issues found on the previous version: it corrected an injection that causes improperly encoded Nellymoser streams to play back at a fast rate; on Mac 10.6.8 it corrected a problem that caused keystrokes to not be received when the input language was CHT; in Mac, Safari it corrected an injection that caused a hang on some content, in Windows 8.1, Firefox Nightly when right-clicking on JWPlayer, you will notice that videos will no longer cause Flash Player to hang and in PPAPI Linux there were fixed some rendering problems with Stage3D/StageVideo content with several Stage3D/StageVideo instances.

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