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For people with many friends and/ or make international calls often, WhatsApp is one of the most sought after mobile applications for many reasons. For instance, unlike it competition that charges hefty subscription fees to use their services, WhatsApp is cost effective. With a working internet connection and a few minutes to spare, you can chat with your friends and colleagues on demand.

You can also make local and international calls effortlessly from within WhatsApp. WhatsApp is also easy to use. Unlike many standard instant messaging applications that have a steep learning curve, you do not require special and or technical skills to use this one-of-a-kind application. Simply follow these detailed steps to download WhatsApp APK on Google Play store instantly, install it in your phone, and use it as needed:

Step 1: WhatsApp Requirements

As highlighted earlier, the benefits of using WhatsApp over other instant messaging mobile applications cannot be understated. However, before you try to download its APK from Google Play store and install it in your smart phone, the first thing you should do is make sure that your phone meets the minimal requirements for using WhatsApp. For instance, if you have a low specification phone, you must have at least 30 megabytes (MB) of free phone storage space to install WhatsApp.

Free space in your phone or navigate through settings and set your phone’s memory card as the default location for installing applications. Even though WhatsApp is one of the cheapest messengers to use in 2015, remember that users need an active internet connection to send and receive text, audio, and multimedia messages. If you do not have Wi-Fi connectivity, make sure that you have sufficient internet bundles before attempting to install WhatsApp.

Finally, to use WhatsApp, you need a mobile number that can receive short messages. WhatsApp uses mobile numbers to authenticate users and the list of phone contacts to create connections.

Step 2: Download and Install

Unlike downloading and installing WhatsApp from third-party websites and social sites, download and installation from Google Play store is a walk in the park. Once you have ascertained that your phone meets the highlighted minimal requirements for WhatsApp usage, the first thing you should do is activate your phone’s data connectivity. Next, navigate to the Google Play store application in your phone and click its shortcut to start.

Once loaded, click the search bar on the top right corner of its homepage, type “WhatsApp” on the dialogue box that opens, and search. Google Play store will query its database and present you with the application to download. Click on the application, accept the terms and conditions, and let your smart phone do the mandatory legwork. It will download the application’s APK automatically and then install it in the most suitable location in your smart phone.

Step 3: Set up

Once downloaded and installed, you need to set up WhatsApp to start using it for communication. Navigate to the installed application and click it shortcut. Once loaded, specify your phone number. WhatsApp will send and detect a message sent to the number, and load a welcome screen where you can upload a profile picture, update contacts, and update your status.

At this point, you can use it as you please.

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