Gmail for Android – 3 Best New Features to Look into

Google is busy rolling out the new Android Lollipop L for its flagship devices Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and other new devices but they have also confirmed that Gmail for Android as well as Google Calendar are going to receive significant updates.

Some devices may get the Android L in the coming days but not all of them could enjoy the materialistic design and the new features which is now being made available widely so as to make it easy for users to experience the new features.

All you have to do is visit the Play Store where the new update awaits and the Inbox is also available as a standalone app for you to meddle with. To make things simple, it is a new feature that combines the Google Now features with that of the e-mail service.

Every Mail Right Here

This is something really good that has been implemented in Gmail, because instead of having to have multiple apps installed, you can now check both your Yahoo and Outlook e-mails right from your inbox. Running one app is much easier than having three of them going in the background. You would stay updated with all the latest messages and you can reply back to them from the same window. Just add IMAP or POP accounts related to your Yahoo or Microsoft Outlook to get access to all your accounts under one roof.

Easier Interface

The revamped version of Gmail now has an easy to access compose button, conveniently placed at the right corner of the screen. You just have to tap it to create a new message any instant without fumbling and there’s also another button on the top right corner. It lets you organize your messages in a folder. Many features are already available in the app as well as the Google mail services but they have now been made easier to access without slowing down.


Swiping has a new meaning with Android L and also with the new Gmail. You can read more about what each swipe would do. Choose to either delete or archive an email. It can be modified in the settings box. A lot of changes introduced are very simple and minimal. They are not groundbreaking; but these minor changes are the ones that actually make way for a great user experience, getting you things whenever and wherever you need them.

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