Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8 Cars are Amazingly Fast with 200CC Engines

Nintendo earlier announced that the developers are working on faster cars for the racing title, Mario Kart 8. Now, they have officially revealed a couple of clips that shows these vehicles in action.

Apparently, when a vehicle is fitted with a powerful 200CC engine, it tends to be fast. But, when we watched the video, we could see that they were so amazingly fast that you might probably find it tough to control them at those speeds. With the update, Nintendo has finally brought the adrenaline pumping racing experience offered by games like Need for Speed and Forza Horizon. Players who thought that this is a title for young kids will think twice, because at this speed, it is going to easily test your driving skills.

150CC and 200CC Modes Incoming

The latest videos reveal Nintendo Mario Kart 8 showcasing two new modes, the 150CC and the 200CC. Both modes offer the same set of vehicles and tracks. If you have purchased the DLC pack, you will also get the new maps as well as the cars that were bundled with it. All these vehicles look impressive, especially when they are going at high speeds.

When compared, you can easily see that the 150CC is really slow when compared to the 200CC mode where cars, bikes go at speeds that could easily be compared with the likes of a Ferrari. The trailer video showcases these modes in the Piranha Plant Pipeway track.

Players will be able to download these two new modes for free on April 23. It is the same day on which the company is all set to launch their second DLC pack. People who have purchased the pass will be able to get the pack automatically while others have to pay for it and download the content. It is definitely worth the purchase as it comes with Isabelle, the Animal Crossing favorite character as well as two different versions of the villagers.

The DLC pack will come with eight other tracks to race in and when it launches, Mario Kart 8 is going to be more exciting than ever.

Upcoming Amiibo Toys

It was earlier announced that Amiibo cards are coming but the toys have generated ample interest among the general public. A new wave of toys that support Mario Kart 8 is scheduled to get launched soon. The list includes Pac Man Sonic, and the classic Mega Man besides other popular characters.


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