Clash Of Clans – Best Tips And Cheats For Anti Hogs

Ready to discover essential Clash of Clans best tips and trick for anti-hogs and minimize the damage they cause to your base?

Hog riders can really affect your performance in the game so you need to develop a strategy to deal with them as they’re called the best troops in the game by many because of their difficulty to kill, their minimum of 60 damage per second and the fact they can jump walls and penetrate your base.

Their two minute training time is a big plus as they can be used to enter the inner walls of a base and cause a distraction so other units like Archers and Giants can move in and do some damage.

Here’s how to combat the hogs:

The Anti-Hog Base

To make your base hog-proof you have to first understand how they attack so you can counter it.

Hogs ability to jump walls is a big advantage, but it can also be used against them as they leave behind their ground support (e.g. Barbarians) who are unable to follow them.

Before we get to the strategies let’s take a look at the structure of your base:

The Core

The town hall and mortars go here along with long ranged defensive buildings like Inferno Towers, X-Bows and your Clan Castle. Keep the core small so defences can go to the third layer.

That should prevent the hogs from getting to the inner core, especially if you use the strategies we’ll show you in this guide.


A good buffer creates space against barch and bam so move your constructions to accommodate. You can also place traps in the buffer zones which include giant bombs and spring traps.

Hog Ring

This ring loops the buffer zone and has the distinct purpose of inflicting maximum damage on the hogs and it is where spring traps, xbows, teslas and mortars are placed in most cases.

The outside

This is where Army Barracks and Camps reside as Hog Riders typically ignore them, the strategies that work here are to either place you buildings as close as possible to your defenses to prevent sniping or as far as possible to make deployment difficult.

Two Devastating Anti-Hog Strategies:

Strategy #1 – Distract & Destroy

When hogs jump your walls use all of your defences to fight the Hog Riders, especially Clan Castle troops and Heroes who distract the hogs who are trying to destroy your defensive buildings.

Set up centralized buildings so the hogs gather in one area, this then allows your troops and heroes to surround and attack them so they can’t destroy your buildings.

Strategy #2 – Compact Design +Traps

The base design must be compact so you can usher hogs into small areas and attack them.

The AOE Tower line-up (Area of Effect, Mortars and the Wizard Tower) are placed strategically so the hogs congregate in one area and you release your traps to destroy them using traps, bombs and clump. Spring traps on the inside of the base can take out three hogs at a time. The tight design of the base makes balloons useful to deal a single devastating blow to groups of hogs, though works best in the centre as they come in from the outside and gravitate towards this area.

Placing small bombs between giant bombs, particularly around the defensive ring can deal an accumulated damage of 540 which a level 5 hog cannot survive (even with healing spells). Giant bombs deliver 1.5x damage to hogs which means if you centralize a giant bomb it can easily kill large groups of hogs before they have a chance to use their healing spells.

All that is left to do now is put what you have just leart into practise!

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