Updating Viber App to Latest Version (Free Download)

Why Do People Prefer Viber In Comparison With The Competition?

People choose to communicate with their near and dear ones using messaging apps because of various reasons. Many do not like the idea of paying excessively for voice calls and short messaging services. The best option available to them is to install a messaging app and get a suitable data plan. Making high quality HD-like voice and video calls are easy when you have utilities like Viber. Your unique mobile number is necessary to create an account with them. Soon after installing Viber, it will synchronize the contacts after scanning through the address book. It is needless to point out, but the utility has found favor in the eyes of many because of its simplicity.

Some Features Of Viber

Allow us to walk you through some of the important aspects regarding Viber

  • Setup – Not many people will know that they can download and install Viber within a minute. Soon after the installation process completes, the app might ask your permission to scan through your existing contact details. Your ID will be your mobile number itself. This is a unique feature, which will allow you to find long lost contacts easily. You might also have to enter your name and maybe even add a profile photo. Viber will also connect to your Facebook account so that it can start syncing the profile along with the friends list and Newsfeeds.
  • Interface – The clean and simple user interface of Viber scores over the competition in a subtle fashion. After setting up the profile, you must study the user interface to know the layout of the buttons. There are dedicated Navicon for Messages and contacts. All those who have an account with Viber and who are present in your phone book will be present as your contacts in Viber. All those who are familiar with WhatsApp might find it weird that Viber does not provide us with an option to update the status messages manually.
  • Free Messaging App – Unlike some of its competitors, Viber is available free to all those who wish to try it. The basic Viber service along with the calls you make to all those in your Viber contact list is free. However, it is necessary to have a data plan or a Wi-Fi connection to use the app to its full potential. Signing up for unlimited data plans offered by your mobile service provider is the best bet to keep the costs to the minimum while staying in touch with your loved ones.
  • Does Viber allow you to call non-Viber contacts freely – Too many people will also blindly rush into this conclusion. If you try to initiate a call to someone who is not on Viber, then the app would remind you about the same. You will have to give the permission for the app to make a regular call and your cellular service provider might charge you for the call.
  • Can you call non-Viber contacts for reduced rates – Yes, you can. Viber will allow you to make normal phone calls to all those who are not present in your contact list for a nominal price. This service offered by the company goes by the name of Viber Out. 

The Need To Install The Latest Software Updates

Software developers are working around the clock to push the latest updates for Viber. It is your responsibility to check for updates and install them if available. These updates will come with the latest security patches and enhancements that will allow you to use Viber in a safe and easy manner. If you install the app through the marketplaces supported by the phone (for instance, Google Play Store), the update process will happen automatically in the background.

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