Roku Streaming Stick vs Chromecast – The Consumer’s Best Pick

Long gone are the days when bulk streaming boxes occupied your television space!

The new range of streaming sticks are simply amazing, small and most of all get the job done. So, Roku streaming stick vs Chromecast which one is your best pick?

The market has plenty to offer for consumers these days. You have the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and also the widely popular Roku. Google’s Chromecast is an altogether different beast but it easily solves your media requirements, especially if you use the Chrome browser and YouTube a lot besides some of your favorite channels.

Chromecast from Google

The way Chromecast works is completely different because it is not only cheap but it acts as an accessory for your smartphone or tablet. The Android operating system is a must which you should have guessed by now. You simply plug the HDMI port stick into your HD television and control everything using your smartphone or PC. Tablet is a good choice too.

Instead of acting as a standalone stick, it acts as a way to stream all of your content from different devices to your television. There is no dedicated user interface or controls on the screen. It is one simple stick yet it supports all major channels including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Rdio, Plex and many more. All of them combined make way for an amazing entertainment with only a couple of channels missing from the Roku list.

You can also use the Chrome browser to watch any video or content playing on it on your television. It makes it a great choice for wireless streaming and still be able to watch any app that is not supported by the Chromecast yet.

Roku Streaming Stick

The HDMI version of Roku stick is the one you should go for. It comes with full support for all your favorite media channels and has a really interesting user interface. People love Roku because of the ease of access it offers and the stick is no different from the boxes. The additional feature is that it comes bundled with a remote control which allows you to easily navigate between content.

In the Roku streaming stick vs Chromecast comparison, one would hardly win because both these platforms contain unique features and are priced competitively. Unlike Apple or Amazon, they are versatile and Google services are part of daily life for most people. For first timers, Roku is a great choice.

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