Uninstalling Google Play Services

While the Google Play Services application is a great app, it could sometimes inconvenience you. First, it consumes a large amount of storage leaving no room for other applications. The app also has frequent updates that could take up a larger phone memory and consume data.

If you find this application somewhat a nuisance, you may want to uninstall it. Uninstalling the application the application is somewhat difficult, you can disable the application so as to stop its normal functioning.

* Disable the application from the disable menu

You can stop the functioning of Google Play services by disabling the application from the disable menu. You can find this option by going to settings on your device, swipe to view the list of all your apps and search for Google Play services. Click on the application and click on the ‘force stop’ option.

A message will pop up that says that if you stop the applications, other applications may not work correctly. Click Ok. to make the application stop functioning. You will be able to view the app on a list of disabled apps at the bottom of the ‘All apps’ list. 

* Clear all updates

Apart from disabling the application, you can clear all the recent updates that the app has had. Look for the application in the ‘All apps’ tab and you will find an option that states that allows you to delete all the applications recent updates. By deleting the updates, the application will not work correctly and will therefore stop working completely. 

* Simply uninstall it

If Google Play Services is not installed as a system application, it will not have an option to disable the app through the system settings. The only way to disable the app will therefore be through uninstalling the app. uninstalling the app this way follows a simple and straightforward process. Find the application from the ‘All apps’ list and click the uninstall option. However, many smartphones come with Google Play services as a built in app, this option is therefore not available in many Android devices. 

* Root your phone 

The only way to uninstall Google Play services and to completely get rid of it will be to root your phone. But before you completely uninstall it, keep in mind that all Google Apps will require Google Play services for their functioning. Google Play services essentially works like a platform for all Google apps. Without this platform, an app from Google is going to be useless.

While uninstalling the app could keep you free from all of Google’s products and services, this could be a bit dangerous since you will not be able to access some applications. Several applications that run on Android need Google Play services for their proper functioning. Some apps may not be able to run at all without the Google Play services, you may have to think twice before uninstalling this application.

However, if the app consumes a far much large phone memory space, you can uninstall it to enjoy a larger memory space and install other apps. 

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