iOS vs Android – 2015 Battle Between The Best Platforms


Google and Apple are the leaders on the mobile market and their mobile platforms are continuously getting improved, receiving new features which are luring new users. The competition is fierce between them, but each OS has pros and cons, and for a newbie, choosing between iOS and Android can be very difficult. Therefore, we’ll list the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms.


iOS receives updates more often than Android and once a new version is rolled out, it reaches millions and millions of supported devices, in short time. Android pushes updates firstly for Google’s devices, then for the rest of newer flagships and so on, but older devices are stuck with prehistoric Android versions.

The iOS applications are fewer, but of a better quality, because Apple is relying on its premium users, who like to install superior applications, with nicer graphics. When it comes to OS support, Apple doesn’t neglect older hardware and supports them for an extended period of time, because there are users who can’t afford to upgrade to the latest iOS version.

Many developers prefer to prioritize iOS when releasing new updates, then they make them available for Android, as well. Also, Apple’s Ecosystem is more complex, and the fans can download applications from the App Store, iTunes Store and iTunes, back up data on the iCloud, and buy devices running on OS X, Apple TV and Watch OS. iOS may not be the most user friendly platform, but at least it’s friendlier than Android when it comes to updates.

Apple has Apple Pay, which has become the most used mobile payment method. The iOS users can chat on iMessage, an integrated messaging application, which is highly appreciated compared to Google’s Messenger.

Apple has more than 400 Apple Stores in all parts of the world and if you happen to have a broken iOS device, contact the local store and the technicians will fix it.

If you have a big family and each member wants to download a different application, it is possible to use the same credit card for purchases. Finally, iOS is more secure than Android, because Apple invested more in the security of its platform.


Android is an open source until a certain point, but it’s more open than Apple’s iOS. The users are allowed to customize its appearance or how it works and if they want to buy a low-end Android device, they will pay less than 100 dollars on it, while the high end devices can cost up to 800-900 dollars.

The biggest advantage of Android is that many devices come with microSD card slots and the users can expand the internal memories, while Apple’s devices have fixed storage. In addition, many Android phones have removable batteries, but recently, the biggest names started releasing devices with non-removable batteries.

The owners of Android devices can create multiple user accounts, which means that when a friend asks you to give him your phone to make a short call, or play a game, he can log into the guest account and you will block him from viewing your personal images.

Many Android phones have infrared support, fast charging and the users can flash ROM after ROM, but they must be careful not to damage their devices, if they don’t respect the correct steps. If they’re unsatisfied with the performance of their processors, the users can overclock them and if they want to download files from the internet, they can do it via a browser.

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