WhatsApp Free Download Latest Version With Voice Calling Feature

The waited voice calling feature is now available for a limited number of WhatsApp users, via invite-only system. This feature wasn’t rolled out to everyone because it’s still in beta and it might have glitches, so before it will be release and available to all of the 700 million users, WhatsApp must ensure that all bugs will be fixed.

The first lucky ones were a few Android users, which got to try the voice calling feature on their devices. But when the iOS users found out that they were left out, they were extremely disappointed, but WhatsApp didn’t forget about them and last month, the feature came to iOS, but it’s not fully activated.

The voice calling feature came with the latest version of WhatsApp, 2.11.15, and to use it, tap on the call button that appears in the top right, next to the profile image of every contact on your phone. The button appears also when you open an individual conversation, but the problem is that the button is not fully functional. According to BGR, the iPhone users are still using their carrier’s network to make calls.

However, what is certain is that the voice calling will be perfectly functional in iOS, although, currently, it’s secretly tested on Android platform. When it will be tested successfully on Android, the feature will roll-out to this platform, then the other platforms will get it too and iOS will definitely have priority.

The version 2.11.15 of WhatsApp brought two new features: support for Dynamic Type (variable font sizes) throughout the application and the Quick camera button was placed in chats, to quickly choose a recent camera roll photo.

WhatsApp can be installed on iPhone running iOS 4.3 or later and if you haven’t received the call button yet go to iTunes and download the latest version, then wait until it will be activated.

All 700 million WhatsApp are waiting anxiously for this feature to roll out to their devices, to be able to make video calls to their loved ones, to see their faces and feel them close, even if they’re thousands of miles away.

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