Triangle Strategy: All You Need to Know About the New Dlcs

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Producers Tomoya Asano and Yasuaki Arai from Triangle Strategy started a new show with Square Enix. They answered many questions about the game, and they revealed DLC plans, details about the difficulty of the game and how long it will take to beat JRPG.

The first episode of the show came with Tomoya Asano, Live A Live producer Takashi Tokita, and Triangle Strategy producer Yasuaki Arai. They talked about upcoming games, including Triangle Strategy. According to some reports, they said that Square Enix wants to release more HD-2D games and remakes.

Triangle Strategy DLCs

The trio talked about the Hard Mode difficulty in Triangle Strategy, saying it’s so hard, they recommend players to go in Normal Mode. Of course, if you are confident in your tactical RPG skills, then you can try and play it, but since it’s so hard, the experience may not be that enjoyable. It could be frustrating at times.

Yasuaki Arai stated: “Hard Mode is really for those looking for a solid challenge. I could only clear the game on Normal myself”. Asano then added that “Hard Mode is for veteran tactical RPG players, those who are very confident in their skills”.

About DLCs, we learned that there would be none. Asano said that “I don’t have any DLCs planned for Triangle Strategy. I usually don’t do any for my games. If we have time to make DLC, then I’d rather start working on another game”.

How long does it take to finish the game?

Asano said that it took him around 30 hours to reach one of the endings.

The game will be available on the 4th of March, 2022, on Nintendo Switch.

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