Minecraft PS3, and PS4 Title Update 19 Tutorials

The time that Sony took to approve Title Update 19 for the Minecraft PS3 edition and Minecraft PS4 edition was really long.

It is not confirmed whether 4J Studios submitted it late but Sony has region specific certificate testing process which might have delayed the launch. Either way, the Title Update 19 for the Playstation 3 console is now live and it brings a lot of interesting stuff that you could explore. For starters, you can always begin with the tutorials.

Revamped Tutorials

Most players who are completely new to TNT, horses, witches and fireworks in Minecraft PS3 edition might find themselves in a difficult position. It is not easy to understand them all in a matter of minutes because there are many in-depth features and updates added to it. Instead of confusing you, 4J studios have meticulously taken the time to create specific tutorials to teach you the specifics.

Players who like to know more about the new Title Update 19 and its content can directly head to the tutorials. The section has been broken down for your convenience and will teach you more about individual interfaces. The new update brings a couple of interfaces to work with, each with their own set of ingredients, items and outcomes.

The tutorials will help you learn more about the beacon interface, the fireworks, the hopper interface as well as an interface dedicated entirely to horses. You can rename your name tag for horses, upgrade them with horse armor and so on using this feature. And, when you die, the game will try to lighten the mood with a bunch of creatively designed death messages.

Tweaks and Changes Made

Some changes have been made to enhance the gameplay in Minecraft PS3 and PS4 edition. You now have the freedom to lock red stone repeaters. The ability to grow crops to full size instantly using bone meal has been removed and dispensers are now free to be placed in any direction. The introduction of golden apples is another prominent tweak that lets players acquire additional health to survive longer.

One of the most important game play tweaks that you should know is that monsters, witches and other hostile creatures that spawn in the same area will become powerful with each kill. While the rewards will be worthwhile, you may not be able to survive them as their difficulty level will gradually increase as they respawn.

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