Minecraft PC User has an Offensive “Mojangsucksd**k”, Developer Plays Prank on Him

Using offensive names and shouting banned words is a common habit found among most gamers.

One such player was really angry a couple of years ago when he couldn’t login to servers to play Minecraft.

After trying multiple times he was really frustrated and decided to create a new one. In a fit of rage, he decided to defame the creators of the game by creating a username “Mojangsucksd**k” and logged in. Due to sheer luck or technical issues being solved, he was magically allowed to login to the servers and start playing the game. For some reason, he never found an opportunity to delete it and continued playing the game using the same name. Everything went smooth until a support agent from the company suddenly found it this month and replaced it within. This was really hilarious.

Support Agent’s Prank

Originally, usernames created by users will be their sole property. Unless and until they provide the right password, their Minecraft username on PC, PS4 or Xbox One wouldn’t change. Even the support agents who work round the clock to serve the gamers are not supposed to modify any information even though they have the necessary administration access to do so.

But, there are always situations when a special request comes in. A support agent named Marc Watson received a request from a father and his son that someone with an offensive username has been repeatedly harassing them. They were not sure what the id exactly looked like, but they knew that it has something to with sucking and d**k, besides other offensive words. Watson triggered a search and he was never able to find the said person, but landed on this gem instead.

NoWeDon’t, Watson Replied

When he came across this random person who for some reason is so angry on the developer and had created a username that said “Mojangsucksd**k”, he decided to replace it purely as a simple prank and also to make sure such offensive names don’t stay around in a game that is being played mostly by pre-teen kids.

He changed the username to “nowedon’t” which is a solid and a direct response from the Mojang team. When the user logged in, he was shocked and was afraid assuming that someone managed to hack his account. Watson didn’t make him wait too long before he came up on Reddit to make an announcement of what actually happened and also related the news to the player.

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