Top Apple Watch Tips To Improve Your Experience

Even if your Apple Watch order hasn’t arrived yet, we wish to give you a few tips on how to use it properly, once you display it on your wrist.

1. Use Siri – this will help you activate apps on your Apple Watch. The icons are very little, so be careful when you click on them. You can either use the vocal command and say ”Hello Siri” or press down on the Digital Crown symbol and say “Open” (say the app’s name).

2. Glances
You can use glances to sum up all the info you require. This can be done by swiping on the watch to find them and then swipe left/right if you wish to move back and forth the glances. If you wish to find out more details about a certain app, click a glance. You also have the possibility of choosing which applications give you Glances by using the device on your iPhone (go to My Watch and Glances). Here you can devise the exact order you wish them to turn up and you can enable/disable them as well.

3. Accessibility Option
VoiceOver or Zoom can also be activated by using your AppleWatch. You must click on the Digital Crown three times. If you wish to activate this, go to your iPhone and
My Watch—General—Accessibility—Accessibility Shortcut and click on VoiceOver or Zoom. You can also perform this operation by using Siri with a vocal request.

4. Activate Force Touch
Make sure you really dig into the Force Touch in every single one of the Apple Watch applications. Be on the lookout for the added features, which will be accessible within these applications. Take for instance Force Touch the Music application, while you have a song playing press Repeat& Shuffle& Source and you will see appear lots of other commands. You can tap the previous to opt for the AirPlay speaker turnout.

5. Mute the alerts
If you cover the display for a couple of seconds, the alerts will be silenced. This is also something that you will need to initiate in the Apple Watch application, directly on your iPhone. Go to My Watch—Sounds&Haptics—Cover to mute. You will be notified that the procedure was successful, with a simple tap.

6. Power Reserve
This is a low-power status which tells the exact time. In order to activate it, you must press and hold the button and slide the Power Reserve (located in the middle).

7. Share the Screenshot
If you want to share an interesting thing from the Apple watch screen, you need to press Digital Crown and the side knob at the same time.

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