Top 6 Best And Cool GoPro Hero 4 Accessories

For the last couple of years, GoPro has been at the forefront when it comes to, top of the line, high quality cameras.

Their latest release, GoPro Hero 4 is no exception. Since its release, GoPro Hero 4, has been highly praised for its, unparalleled high quality resolution, flexibility, pertaining to the abundance of uses that the device as to offer and the fact that the camera can capture frames at 60 fps at 1080p quality.

Another aspect about this line of cameras that has made GoPro the number one digital camera company, is the abundance of accessories that users have the option of being able to utilize, that only serve to increase the overall user experience that lies to be felt when it comes to utilizing a GoPro device.

Here are our top GoPro hero 4 Accessories:

6) Wireless GoPro Remote

If you use your GoPro to record situations or take pictures from a distance, then this accessory may be an ideal option for you. With the wearable and waterproof remote, you can take pictures from as far as 180 meters with this accessory. You can utilize the accessory to control as many as 50 cameras, control tour GoPro underwater and control all of your camera’s functions, as well.

5) Dual Charger And Battery

Chances are that, if you have a GoPro 4, then you are more than likely on the road all the time. As such, when it comes to recharging your GoPro, you may find yourself at a disadvantage. With the dual battery charger + battery, you can charge two batteries simultaneously, in a time efficient manner. By utilizing this accessory, not only will you be able to charge 2 batteries at the same time, by gaining an extra battery, you will always have a backup battery on standby, whenever you need it.

4) Combo Cable

If you’re the type of individual who enjoys, sharing your work with your friends and family members, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the GoPro combo cable. With the combo cable, everything that you take a picture or a video of, can be displayed, for all your friends and family members to see in your living room, via television.

3) Dive Housing Shell

If you want to capture spectacular moments that only occur, under the surface of the water, then the Dive housing accessory, is sure to spark your interest. This accessory is essentially a waterproof, casing that allows try to take shots as low as 60m below the surface of a body of water.

2) Black Housing Shutter

In some situations you may need to utilize your GoPro covertly. As such, the light reflections that emanate from your housing’s LCD window, may compromise the opportunity you have, of making a good shot. the Black Housing, accessory helps you in the sense that it enables you to take shots more covertly by eliminating light reflection that emanates from the lens and enable low visibility.

1) LCD Touch BacPac Display

At the top of the list is the LCD Touch BacPac display. This accessory allows for easier control of your GoPro camera, via touch screen controls. By attaching the device to the back of your GoPro you can:

* Play videos.

* View photo.

* Stream audio in slow motion mode.

* Navigate through the menu effortlessly.

* See what your camera sees pertaining to the frame of your shots.

Of course, if money is no worry to you then you could indulge yourself in the whole GoPro experience and buy the whole lot of our recommended accessories!

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