Apple iPhone 6 Plus: How to Downgrade from iOS 8.2 to iOS 8.1.3

The latest stable version of iOS is v8.2.

However, there are numerous complaints about the frequent crashing and bugs that are being experienced by users of iPhones and iPads running on this new iOS 8.2.

Even though the new iOS 8.2 came with some immense changes and improvements for some users who were having their hardest times using iOS 8.1, this Apple-based mobile operating system also brought with it some inconveniences, especially for the group of users who were experiencing the best of times with the older iOS 8.1. The new iOS 8.2 has however had some issues with respect to dealing with certain bugs and crashes as well, something that has led to the immediate release of the iOS 8.3 beta version, which is already available for download.

Apple has been very fast in releasing updates for the new iOS 8, something that is out of the usual. Consequently, there are some experts who believe that Apple rushed these updates due to the looming Android Lollipop updates that are doing wonders in the Android world. However, there are others who believe that these updates are related to providing users with patches to bugs and errors found in the debut version and other subsequent updates.

Nevertheless, if you are having any second thoughts about using the new iOS 8.2 on your iPhone 6 Plus, there is a way out of this problem as you can easily downgrade to the previous iOS 8.1.3 without any pain at all.

Successful downgrade from iOS 8.2 to iOS 8.1.3 will permanently disable jailbreaking of your iPhone

One thing you need to know is that when you choose to downgrade your installed OS from iOS 8.2 to iOS 8.1.3, it will no longer be possible to jailbreak your iPhone 6 Plus ever. Just like the latest iOS 8.2, it is not possible to jailbreak the older version of the OS, which is iOS 8.1.3 and as a result, this downgrade will not have any adverse effects on the process of downgrading your iPhone 6 Plus from iOS 8.2 back to iOS 8.1.3.

Another thing you need to know is that this procedure will only work if your iPhone 6 Plus or iPad Air 2 is running on the latest iOS 8.2 and not on any other version of this OS. When you downgrade from this OS, you will no longer encounter issues related to constant crashes of Safari web browser, battery drains, among many others.

How to downgrade iPhone 6 Plus from iOS 8.2 to iOS 8.1.3

At the moment, Apple is still signing the previous iOS 8.1.3 and it is why this trick of downgrading to this operating system is working. However, things might be different immediately afterApple ceases the signup, but until Apple discovers this loophole, you can follow these steps in order to get your iPhone 6 Plus downgraded from iOS 8.2 to the more stable iOS 8.1.3.

  • First of all you need to create a backup of all your files. This you can do by using the iTunes or iCloud app. In this way, you can be sure of getting back your data in case you mess up something during the update, which is not likely.
  • Download iOS 8.1.3 IPSW on your device
  • Using iTunes hold the “Options” key on your Mac. Alternatively, you can use the same program on a Windows PC.However, hold the “Shift” key and then follow it by selecting the “Restore iPhone” option. After this, you must select the iOS 8.1.3 IPSW file that you downloaded.
  • After selecting this file, sit back and watch as iTunes does it’s magic.
  • Restart your iPhone 6 Plus and you should be having iOS 8.1.3 installed on your device once again.

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