Top 5 Reasons Why People Use Google Maps

Google maps is desktop mobile web map viewing application provided by Google. It comes with various features such as street maps, street view perspectives, satellite imagery and other unique functions such as route planner for different types of vehicles. Google Maps offers multiple functions and therefore has many had millions of downloads. Here are top 5 reasons why people use Google maps.

1. Map views

Many people primarily use google maps for the several map views it offers. Additionally, one can change to different map views depending on their needs. Apart from switching from the satellite imagery to normal imagery, you can easily overlay terrain information on the map. The street view feature also allows you to get a great panoramic view of the buildings and areas which surround streets. These images put together by photos create a great view that attract many people to using Google Maps. 

2. Get direction

Many people also use Google maps since it allows one to get direction to different places. By entering two or more distinct locations in Google Maps when driving, you will be able to get your direction to your defined location. After activating GPS, Google maps will can be able to locate your location and show your direction. You will also be able to view various transport means, the distance and the amount of time you could take to go to your location. If several routes exist, you will be able to view the different routes and shown the best possible route.

3. Street view

Street view is an interesting map view that many use it to discover new places. With this map, you can actually view webcams from all over the world. The images shown are snapshot pictures and video feeds taken a while ago, it could be as recent as 15 minutes. The images are very clear and more like you are actually within that place. This view also gives people an idea of the flow of traffic in an area. This is indicated by a grid that shows how heavy traffic is in a certain region. With this data, many people can quickly find out the best route to drive with.

4. Customize your apps 

Google maps is also used by many people since it offers a customizable application. With this map, you can create a custom map for any location and add different landmarks according to wish. After this you can save the map to your Google account. This map is usually loaded at any time. Using Google maps this way has become very handy especially for travelers of for people getting to a place for the first time.

5. Simplicity

Even though Google Maps is a map application that covers the whole world, viewing various locations with this app is quite easy. The simplicity of the application drives many people to using it. It is easy to zoom in and out of a location and find the exact place you are looking for. A search tool is also available to help with location easily.

Google Maps is a very useful tool, it is largely used to get map views, street views and get directions. Apart from that, it has various advantages such as its simplicity and ability to customize the application. This is why it is a common app and many people like to use it.

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