Most Popular Internet Service Providers

Your internet service provider can be said to be your gatekeeper to the internet. How they provide services to you can change the way you experience the internet. Slow internet service providers will give you a slow internet connection while a reliable internet service provider will provide you with a reliable connection to the internet.

This way, you will be able to surf the web without having to wait for ages before the web pages load. Clearly, having a fast and reliable internet service provider is always a good thing so why don’t we look at some of the best internet service providers.

1. AT&T

Serving more than 17 million consumers, this service provider offers speeds of up to 24Mbps and has more than 300 hotspot locations countrywide. The internet service provider also provides digital television in addition to internet service hence making their offering more valuable for their consumer base. With the internet speeds available, this is a pretty decent connection to the internet.

2. Comcast Xfinity

Offering 18 Mbps connection speeds for the average users and 105 Mbps for the speed freaks, this cable company has grown roots all over the country. Their internet connection is quite decent with the 105 plan having access to ESPN3 and free security software. This ensures that you are able to access the internet at super fast speeds in addition to staying safe while doing it.

3. Time Warner Cable

This ISP has more than 10.7 million customers all over the country. With an internet package of 10 Mbps for the average consumer and 50Mbps on the faster end, this is a pretty amazing package. The customer can also access the countrywide wifi available via the TWC wifi.

One great benefit of using TWC for internet access is that their packages come with free security software for all the users. This ensures a safe and secure internet access experience which maintains the privacy and integrity of all the personal information being transacted over the internet.

4. Verizon

This ISP is quite popular with consumers with their fiber network offering some impressive connection speeds. Download speeds on this network go up to 300 Mbps while upload speeds can reach 65 Mbps. This is quite fast for an internet connection and one of the main reasons why most consumers like it.

5. Google Fiber

Though still a recent entrant in the ISP arena, this internet service provider is really giving the others a run for their money. With a superfast network currently spanning across a number of cities, Google Fiber offers an internet connection experience like no other. With speeds approaching 1000 Mbps, there is no other ISP that can be able to give consumers what Google Fiber Offers.

Coming from the internet search giant, Google Fiber connection speeds are blazingly fast. This means that you can experience content in HD without even having to download it. The connection offered by Google is enough to serve all your multimedia, entertainment and internet needs all at once.

In other words, your internet service provider determines how fast you can get those files to and from the internet. With the list above, you can be able to identify some of the most popular internet service providers and the different connectivity options provided with each package.

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