Top 5 Best Photo Editor Apps Of 2015 – Best Choice For Instagrammers

Instagram has completely changed photography especially with the application of the mobile phone. Today, if you have a classic photo that you would love to share with millions of people, then this is the best platform where you can post it. 2014 was a great year that witnessed millions of photos being shared and posted on the Instagram. This was highly controlled by some of the greatest photo-editing apps released to the market. Among the thousands of apps that were available for the users, there are those that made it to the top as being the most used.

Here are the top 5 best Instagram photo editors in 2015.

1. Snapseed

This is a popular photo editor and an excellent choice for bloggers due to the quality that it adds to the pictures. The fact that this app gives the user a complete control of their pictures makes it the best choice of photo-editing app to go for. With this app, you can adjust your photo from the full auto-correct feature to the smallest adjustments. If you want to adjust colors and contracts then, this is the mobile app to go for. Snapseed also allows you to make minor tweaks so that you photo can look more natural.

2. Aviary
This is a great mobile photo editor that also did very well in the market. The app gives the user a wide choice of basic controls like filters, stickers, frames and other minor effects. It is a free app, but you can purchase some features like filters and additional effects to improve its performance. It makes it very easy to capture a picture with your cell phone, edit it and then post on Instagram. The app is available for both Android and iPhone device.

3. Overgram
This is another great app that made it big on the market in 2014. With this app, the Instagram user is in a position to add some text on the photos. The app provides a range of fonts that will help you to create a photo that will stand out on this platform. This means that you can post a photo and add to it a great quote that goes along to explain the picture details. It is currently available for iPhones only.

4. Pic Stitch
Posting a single photo on Instagram may not perfectly deliver the message that you want to put across. You require some more photos that are taken at different angles. Pic stitch is a unique app that allows the users to combine multiple photos onto a single beautifully framed image. The app can be used on both Android and iPhone devices.

5. VSCO Cam
This is yet another app that did quite well in 2014. It is very popular among creative professional due to its powerful editing controls and filter styles. The quality of photos edited by this app is top notch, and you will definitely love working with it. By just double tapping the screen, you can lighten a dark image without affecting its focus.

These are the top 5 best Instagram photo editing apps that made it big in the year 2014. Their top notch performance is also expected to make them an excellent choice of apps to go for even this year. So if you missed these top apps, you can download them from the app store and enjoy their service on Instagram.

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