GTA 5 PC Release Date Delayed but Screenshots Look Promising

Rockstar has been really hard on PC gamers and has decided to delay the release date of GTA 5 PC edition for the usual reason.

They say that they have to make the game better, optimize it and polish the games.

This is not the first delay in recent times because if 2013 and 2014 was the year of bugs, gamers would love to address this year as the time when release date delays were so common. Last year, game developers bugged the community by releasing Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Both games were equally bug-ridden but it is Unity that takes the cake after the Battlefield 4 flaw in 2013. From all these delays, we are not sure if the developers have really understood the plight of gamers and like to release quality games or simply doing it as a marketing stunt.

Optimizing PC Port

The original version of GTA 5 got launched on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 almost a year and half ago. Maybe others don’t know the fact that Rockstar was indeed planning to release the game on next gen as well but the development company definitely knows it was going to take place eventually. If it is true, they had at least a year’s time to develop the PC version of the game.

Delaying it now, at the last moment, is definitely not justified by any means but they say that they need more time to polish the game, remove the bugs and have also released the PC system requirements to prove their claim. It does look really low and it might very well be a fully optimized port that runs great on any machine.

4K Screenshots Revealed

To keep the gaming community happy for a little while, the developers at Rockstar games have released 4K screenshots of GTA 5. The game runs at this high resolution only on the Windows platform and also has an exclusive video editor. All these are good features but delaying the release date so much has had an adverse effect on most people.

Some claim that it is because the developers opine the platform is known for its game piracy and it is not worth releasing it there first. Others say that it is only a marketing strategy that lets them sell more copies on the consoles when they use the word exclusive and keep it that way for a time. Check out the screenshots for now.

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