How to Block Instagram Users – The Best Solution for Dealing with Stalkers

The invention of Instagram has come as a blessing for the world’s shutterbugs.

It presents people with a platform where they can come together and share the experiences of their lives not just by words, but also by using images.

What makes this app even better is the fact that it is not just an app for the commoners; even the elites, including some of the world’s leading celebrities have their own Instagram accounts where they also share pictures of their life’s experience and everyone can comment or like them. Instagram also offers users with a feature for following accounts of other users of interest, for instance, you can follow an account of a famous celebrity, just like on Twitter.

When to Block Someone on Instagram

There are times when some people start following you into things they shouldn’t. These are times when you feel that your privacy is being violated and it is in such times that you’ll definitely think of blocking such a person. You’ll consider this person a stalker and in order to deal with such people, blocking them is the best option as this will disallow them access to your Instagram account.

Stalking can happen to any person and it is upon you to be alert enough to notice such users and block them with immediate effect. In actual sense, stalking is not always as a result of unknown people following and harassing you in a way or the other, it can also be about a relationship that has gone bad; something that gives these people a strong motive of visiting your account on a daily basis so that they can be aware of your activities, places you’ve recently visited and even what you are up to.

When such a time comes, you should know that someone is stalking you and that you need to block him/her. It can really be stressful when you are being stalked and to go through this, you must take a strong stand. The good thing is that multitudes of the social apps in the market today have been developed with aspects of user privacy in the mind of the developers. Instagram is no different and with this app, you can block any person you deem a stalker and keep them away from your account. Here is how to.

Privatize your Account

When your account is in public mode, it makes it vulnerable to such malicious people especially if they begin making the wrong use of your pictures online. A public profile means that the public can see and read your Instagram updates and in this way, they can use it for whatever they feel.

On the other hand, privatization of your account means that only the people you trust to call friends can access your posts. In order to achieve this, you can go to the “Profile” page, then click on “Edit your profile”, and follow it by selecting “Posts are Private”. In this way, only the people you are friends with can view and comment on your posts.

Using the Block Feature in Instagram for iOS

In order for you to use this blocking Instagram feature, you will be required to visit the profile of the stalker you wish to block and click on the icon located on the upper right corner of your window. Choose the option labeled “Block User and Report Inappropriate” and then select the option you feel is the best for you. Proceed and remove the stalker from your account and they won’t bother you anymore.

Using the Blocking Feature in Android

In order to block an Instagram user using an Android device, the process is pretty much the same. However, the sole difference comes with the image of the icon that is located at the upper right corner of your window.

You need to keep in mind that when you block someone, you will completely be restricting him or her from accessing your Instagram account. In addition, this person will not be able to see any of your Instagram activities or even find you on the same network if they search for you. However, Instagram has full respect for the victim’s sentiments as it doesn’t notify them that they’ve been blocked. This leaves room for you to reconcile in case you come to a solution to your existing problem.

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