Top 5 Best Free to Download and Install Messenger Apps for Android and iOS

Instant messaging is with no doubt the trending way of keeping in touch with friends and relatives from all over the world.

What makes it a top option is due to the fact that it is very easy to use than making a phone call or maybe trying to find someone physically, which can be very expensive.

Despite the fact that 2015 is here, there are still some cell plans that don’t come with unlimited messaging subscriptions. Furthermore, there are numerous cases where the users want to continue a conversation they started on a phone, on a PC. These, among many other reasons, have been at the center of the growth and development of the messaging or messenger applications. In this regard, here is a list of the top 5 best free to download and install messenger apps for the Android smartphones and iPhones that will make your communication life extremely free and incredibly easy.

Google Hangouts

Just like any other Google product, Google Hangouts is a very easy to use app. If you are a member of the Gmail family, you will have a very easy time adapting to Hangouts as it comes with lots of similarities with the chat service of this email client.

Simply download the app on your phone and you will notice lots of similarities with the desktop client. You can add as many contacts as you want, as long as they have a Gmail account. You can start a conversation when on your way to work using your phone and continue it from the PC at your office desk. It is still possible to pick up the conversation from where you left when having lunch, using your phone or tablet. However, there is no support for Google Voice and navigation can get a little tricky if you are not that tech savvy.


Skype is another great way of keeping in touch with your relatives from all over the world. There is no fee required for signing up for an account on Skype. After signing up, you will be able to make free voice and video calls to any other Skype user as well as make affordable calls to the non-users of the app using SkypeOut. Skype allows the users to attach photos, videos and other media files to messages and share them with friends, whether they are online or not.

As you may have noticed, Skype offers calls to the non-users of the app on landlines and mobile phones, which is one thing that makes it a standout among others in this list.


Viber makes instant messaging in the 21st century a very simple thing. You can send a text message, voice note, video or even a photo to a friend using the app. Unlike the above mentioned apps which require an email address to sign you up for an account, Viber will ask for your phone number only. This then becomes your identifier as your friends will use it to identify you on the platform.

Viber allows its users to make free voice and video calls as well. Furthermore, it follows in the footsteps of Skype by allowing the users to make affordable calls to the non-users of the app, using the ViberOut feature. The app also includes games, public chats as well as a detailed collection of stickers. It can be used on mobile phones, tablets and PCs and it exhibits one of the best syncing capabilities across all supported devices.


You can send your friends voice, text, video and photo messages using WhatsApp. The app is free to download and it can be installed on nearly all mobile platforms. Just like Viber, WhatsApp will ask for your phone number to create you an account. The app automatically pulls a list of contacts based on the numbers stored in your phonebook, thus saving you time you’d have wasted on searching for new friends.

WhatsApp recently added a voice calling feature, but there is no news of video calling facility. Unlike all the other apps listed here, WhatsApp will start charging a fee of $0.99 per year after using it for free for the first one year.


LINE can be termed as a combination of instant messaging and social networking services in a single messenger. You can share videos, photos, sticker as well as texts with any other user of the app. These entire updates can posted to a personal timeline where friends can also comment, share as well as like; just like with the case of the social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.

LINE allows its users to chat in groups as well as make voice and video calls to others. LINE comes with a collection of games that the users can play against one another. Furthermore, the app allows the transfer of funds using LINE Pay. It is also one of the first apps to make its way to the Apple Watch and Android Wear. LINE is free to download and install and it can be used on all major mobile platforms.

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