eBay vs. Amazon – Who Wins the Battle for E-Commerce Supremacy

E-Commerce has been on a very rapid growth in the recent past and it has not lagged behind considering the development the internet and technology has brought into this world.

In essence, this platform of doing business online has gained so much popularity across the globe and as it stands, the traditional form of doing business has been outdone.

Two of the ever-present names when it comes to global markets are eBay and Amazon. These two have always been fighting for the top spot and to help you find out which is the better of the two, this article highlights the major factors that keep these two e-Commerce giants at par, as well as help in distinguishing them.

eBay User Interface vs. Amazon User Interface

These two e-tail platforms have very different user interfaces. While Amazon features a user interface that is very simple yet still elegant, eBay features a user interface that looks like ready for ‘shopping’ and in it, it feels like it’s making you buy something. Products are almost everywhere and ads are included on the web page as well.

eBay Pricing vs. Amazon Pricing

In essence, these two online platforms have very different targets in the market niche. While Amazon seems to price its products slightly higher than what eBay values its products at, eBay users do not look for the same taste as that being looked for by Amazon users.

Amazon users look for convenience when it comes to time/shipping and the assurance that they are dealing with genuine and elegant products, even though this is not aimed at insinuating that eBay products are not genuine. On the other hand, users of eBay look at their pockets rather than convenience and elegance. In addition, eBay buyers are very concerned with the uniqueness of the items they buy.

Sellers on both Platforms

For the sellers, Amazon has a trend of rotating the list of sellers available on their website, while eBay does pretty much the opposite. Top-rated sellers are listed on the front of the page while new sellers are nowhere to be seen. This makes all the difference as Amazon seems better positioned, since it offers all sellers an equal chance through the rotation policy.

Growth Rate

In the recent past, Amazon has gained dominance over eBay in terms of sales volume and the general development of the website. This can be backed by the fact that Amazon has grown as a company, and as of now, it is not just an e-tail website, it also offers different products like the Fire TV and the famous Kindle. On the other hand, eBay has stalled and it remains to be a traditional customer-centric e-commerce site.

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