WhatsApp Video and Voice Call – Will They End Up Costing You?

With more than 800 million folks using WhatsApp, there is no wonder that this app has gained quite a lot of notoriety. Even if at the beginning, WhatsApp was meant to be used on mobile phones, now this is no longer the case. Even if it suffered minor or major setbacks, WhatsApps hasn’t given up the fight.

WhatsApp was first rolled out back in 2009 and ever since it has been developing outstanding features. Currently, individuals worldwide can use this app on their home computer without having to recur to an emulator. If you use the WhatsApp Web version you can send/receive messages using devices like your tablet or your computer. There is just one catch…your mobile phone has to be linked to the computer.

Those who operate on platforms such as Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and several types of Nokia gadgets can use the Web variant of this app on their computer. Those who own an iPhone, unfortunately cannot benefit from the WhatsApp Web version, but WhatsApp is working on it. In addition, WhatsApp is also planning to release the voice call feature to the WhatsApp Web version. This means that those who use WhatsApp on their computers can also initiate voice calls from their PC. Neat, right?

Will WhatsApp charge voice calls?

In the near future, the video call feature will be implemented and everybody can take joy in live conversations. For now, initiating these calls won’t cost you a dime, but this is only if the other person is also a WhatsApp user. Some voices claim that in the near future, this app will also roll out a some sort of cross-platform element, which apps like ViberOut and SkypeOut already use. By implementing this new feature, users can make inexpensive voice&video calls to those who are not WhatsApp users. This can be done on their phones or all kinds of other apps. Adding this new feature will surely secure WhatsApp’s position as one of the stellar IM app.

But for now, a $1 fee must be paid if users wish to continue using the application, once 1 year period is completed. And because Facebook invested so much money in this app, it’s about time they’ve started cashing in. So thinking of putting a fee on voice calls might just be their game plan.

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