Top 3 Reasons to Use Norton Internet Security

If your system is infected to death and needs a miracle resurrection, then the only option for you is to use Norton Internet Security.

Known for disinfecting those systems which are infected to the core, Norton Internet Security replicates the features of Norton 360, and differs in a way that it is a complete suite for internet security.

Having said that, there are 3 top reasons among other key features, which tell you how Norton Internet Security is good for your PC.

Firewall Protection

The firewall of Norton Internet Security, while compared to the other internet security suites was ranked superior by the users. The reason is it filters ports, scans your PC for threats and hides the IP address. Also from the input from hackers, it has arrived at a decision that Norton Internet Security had very few and minimal loophole vulnerabilities for people to misuse.

Therefore, it is understood how effectively Norton Internet Security will work, while just the firewall protection has so much to offer. Norton Internet Security is more than a firewall.

Strengthened Security

Apart from its firewall familiarity, Norton Internet Security goes that extra mile to protect your PC. In the sense, it locks up block bots, rootkits, spyware, Trojan horses, viruses and worms. Without you having to intervene, Norton Internet Security scans your PC for threats, every 15 minutes once, depending on the threat. Symantec, the producer of Norton Internet Security is where all the threats get collected. Symantec, after collecting these threats analyzes them from computers of those people who have volunteered to be a part of the threat-detection committee. Then, they have also come up with a safe list of websites that are trustable and automatically block phishing websites to keep your PC safe and secure.

Going further, Norton Internet Security filters all the email and internet conversation spams and offers in plenty to the parental control feature. With this feature, it allows the parents to monitor their kids’ internet surfing time, have a tab on the websites they visit and the social media platforms they interact with. If they find the necessity to block certain websites, they can reset the settings and apply a firewall lock for such websites. Constant check on malware even when the kids browse, is an added feature too.

User-Friendly Interface

Ease of use with Norton Internet Security is simply flawless. The user interface, navigation buttons and the menu in the interface is simply a joy to handle, as per the users. There are options, modes and states of the computers where it is installed. For instance, if the PC is idle while the user is watching a video or film or is seriously gaming, the alerts and updates are postponed to a later time, just not to intervene in the user’s private time. This is the case when he/she is burning a disc, working on an important document or going through a confidential file which was restricted, for scan by Norton Internet Security.

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