Farmville 2 Country Escape – Tips, Walkthroughs And Strategies

Farmville 2: Country Escape is a new simulation game from Zynga Inc. that plays out in a farm. Just like in its predecessor, the Farmville game on Facebook, this game allows you to create your own farm. You get to plant and harvest crops, rear domestic animals and build your own home.

For you to be able to enjoy the game to the max, you will need to have a strategy. Below are some basic strategies and tips to give you a head start in the game.

Earning Coins

The main aim of playing Farmville 2: Country Escape, is to develop and progress your farm. This is only made possible when you have as many coins as possible. This game is free to play, but there are in-app purchases to be made. The easiest way to gain coins in this game is through completing ‘farm orders’, which are found on the ‘farm orders’ board. This is where you get to sell your crops and crafted items for coins.

It is also possible to earn coins by selling goods and items to fellow farmers. This allows you to determine the price. While purchases are not always guaranteed, you are likely to have other players purchase your items from time to time.

Unlocking Keys

Keys are some of the most important resources to obtain. Keys make it possible for you to speed up processes in the game. Keys are used to speed up the process of building or crop production on the farm. Keep your eyes on key sales where you stand the chance of purchasing a lot of keys, which you can use to progress quicker in the game. Avoid using the keys in the easy tasks that only take a short time. Instead, save these keys for tasks requiring too much time to complete.

Getting Free Resources

The Farmville 2: Country Escape comes with a character called ‘grandma’. You need to go to her at least on quarter-hour basis to get freebies. Grandma can give you useful items like nails and XP among many other useful items.

Working for Eddie

Once you play to level fifteen, you can now work for Eagle Eye Eddie. All you have to do is give him what he needs, to be rewarded with experience points and stamps. Eddie offers new quests after every four hours. However, you can call him back sooner with enough keys to get better experience boosts.

Producing the Most from Your Farm

You can upgrade your structures to get full production. When you upgrade structures, you decrease the wait time and double your batches. While you will still require more resources to complete jobs, upgrading structures increases time of production. You can use your keys to upgrade structures as this will increase the productions time ten folds. With such advancements, you may soon become the master farmer in Farmville 2: Country Escape.

Finding Good Neighbors and the Importance of Farm Hands

Add active farmers to your friend’s list. Ensure you take your time to pick them with care as you can only pick a few. By adding farm members, you collect additional farmhands that increase crop growth and other tasks.

You need to use as many farmhands as possible as this helps in discovering interesting locations. Whenever you need a specific type of crop or item, you can send a farmhand to a certain location to find it. This makes completing searches easy and gathering the resources needed even easier.

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