Google Play Store Filtering Content – Setting Up Parental Controls

Tablets and smartphones are the gadgets of the moment. These devices are mostly used by our kids and this means that we have to protect them somehow while they’re using them. As you know, Google Play Store comes with many applications and games. Not all applications and games are good for your kids and this is why you will need to filter the content that the Android official store is offering.

Setting up Parental Controls on Google Play Store

First of all, you will need to open the Google Play Store. After that, you will need to select the Menu button (located in the left top side) and select „Settings”. From there, you will need to look for Parental Controls (set a PIN) and set the PEGI level.

Games and applications come with different PEGI levels and today we’re going to explain you a few things about them.


The games that have PEGI 3 level are suitable for all kids. The games might have a bit of violence in them but like a cartoon-like form such as: Tom and Jerry or Bugs Bunny. The games don’t come with sounds or pictures that will scare or frighten your kid and there is no bad language involved.


The games that have PEGI 7 level are mostly the same as the ones from PEGI 3. However, these games come with some frightening sounds or scenes.


The games that have PEGI 12 level will show violence and some nudity. These games will also feature bad language, which we’re pretty sure that you don’t want your kid to learn.

PEGI 16 and PEGI 18

PEGI 16 comes with even more bad language and sexual activity. These games might also feature drugs, cigarettes and criminal activities. PEGI 18 is an adult classification, where violence is at the top of the edge. The games might have explicit sexual content and bad language.


Tablets and smartphones are good for our kids, but you will need to control them or else your kids will have access to all kinds of stuff. We suggest you to set the Parental Control to PEGI 3 or PEGI 7 and not more than this. In case you didn’t set the Parental Control on your kid’s smartphone or tablet, we suggest you to do it right away before it’s too late!

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