The Worst Mistakes of Google Glass and What Google Glass 2 Needs

Google has confirmed that their ambitious project, Google Glass, has been discontinued and what users have received so far wouldn’t receive updates.

However they also confirmed that the idea is not dead and it will soon evolve in a newer version of the same.

A lot of things went wrong with the first iteration, because it was way ahead of the time. And, there was no consumer launch at all. Instead, the company went for a ‘developer only’ edition, which reached only a specific group of the population. Everyone else was simply listening to the stories and instead of focusing on its best features the glass raised more privacy concerns.

Proper Privacy Settings

When the Google Glass was announced, we are sure that the company never expected it to make privacy such a huge issue. But, when a person could simply look at another person and instantly search for him/her in one of the biggest search engines to know their social profile, it obviously made people uneasy. At first, the product never had a proper guideline for privacy settings and even before it was officially launched many pubs and restaurants started banning it.

Awkward Design

Even though, the first edition of Google Glass was very minimalistic and had a tiny camera that was mounted on it, which also included the hardware within, it was still nowhere near the style factor that a conventional glass of good make. This design issue is something that Apple has been facing as well, with their smart watches, because it looks too different to blend into the crowd. Luckily, when smartphones and tablets got launched, they weren’t so weird. They looked similar to a laptop but much smaller and even the Android phones look so stylish today. If Google Glass 2 is coming, it should get rid of additional hardware and look like a real glass which has the capability to scan to deliver what you need.

Battery Life

People report that Apple Watch drains its battery in a day. People would hate to own another gadget that would force them to find a plug socket every night. Phones are more than enough and adding a glass as well as watch to it is not something they love. If Google Glass 2 is going to be a hit, it should definitely provide battery life that could last an entire week on a single recharge. Google is already working on the solutions for battery life with their team.

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