The Sims 4 Xbox One and PS4 Edition Announcement Expected at E3 2015

Microsoft has launched their Xbox One console and Sony their PS4 hardware.

Both of them are selling really well, except for issues with resolution and frame rates in high-end games. However, a simple title like the Sims 4 might easily run on them both.

Maxis and EA released the Sims 3 on the older generation Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. It is obvious that they wouldn’t wish to miss the sales on the next generation consoles but the release date might most probably be late. The launch date is similar to GTA 5 which got launched first on console hardware but took almost more than a year to find its way to PC. In case of Sims, it is focused on the PC gamers first, after which it will be unveiled for other platforms.

Mac Edition is Already Out

The developers didn’t leave Mac people out. For a long time now, Mac is often associated with non-gaming applications and never had a serious gaming community on it. But, the Sims 4 got launched on it months after the original PC release. Another good thing that the publisher Electronic Arts did was that they allowed cross buy for the game.

If you already own the game on the PC platform, you don’t have to buy it again on Mac. It will be available by default. All you have to do is pull your Macintosh out and start playing on it. The concept is really simple and saves you a lot of money.

DLCs Still Pending

Xbox One and PS4 editions of the Sims 4 are getting delayed because the PC edition hasn’t got any DLCs yet. It received something new, named as the game pack which is smaller than an expansion pack. The full downloadable content is the upcoming Get to Work which allows players to actually work in office in different professions.

A lot of other expansion packs are also coming to the Sims 4 but only when they are fully out will a console version be released. Such marketing strategies are often used by EA, Maxis among many other companies who focus on a specific community. For Sims games, PC community is the biggest of them all. An announcement for next gen consoles will most probably be done during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015. It is also expected that the game will have a release date set towards the end of 2015.

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