iOS App Store 1.0 Latest APK Version Free Download And Install

Every iOS owner has the AppStore application installed on their iPhones or iPads. This application is a shortcut to the virtual store that houses over 1.4 million applications and games for iOS. But many Android users didn’t know that there’s an iOS AppStore APK file they can install on their devices to have access to Apple’s virtual store.

Exactly one year ago, reports claimed that Apple was considering allowing Android users to have access to a standalone iTunes app on Google Play. This decision had to be taken because Android is growing faster than iOS and the company found a way to make more money, by stealing clients from Google. So, instead of purchasing applications and games from the Google Play, the users were given the opportunity to get music from iTunes and applications from the App Store.

You can install a third party application to access the Apple Store on an Android device, and all you have to do is to go to the Google Play Store and download the Apps Explorer application, which will allow you to look for iTunes apps in the Apple App Store. When starting Apps Explorer, it will load a list of popular paid applications that are found in the Apple App Store. If you don’t like the view, you can change it by using the drop-down menus at the top of the applications. You will select between free and paid applications and you will sort them by genre and popularity. When you will tap on an application, you will see details about it and when tapping on Share, you’ll see a menu with four options: “Search App on Market”, “Search Author on Market”, “Search App on Google” and “Share App info”.

iOS AppStore 1.0 APK for Android can be downloaded from and the file has a size of 0.67MB. It supports Android 2.2 and above and it allows you to select your country and the genre of the application you’re looking for. If you like the Flappy Bird game, it’s Top on Free Ranking.

If you want to update your current AppStore for iOS, get the 3.2 version from Apple’s store, which came with many performance enhancements.

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