GTA 5 Online Heists Creates Server Issues on Xbox One and PS4, Now Fixed

Rockstar has finally given fans some good news by launching online heists for GTA 5on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 consoles but not without problems.

The game created a lot of server issues not just for Grand Theft Autoplayers but for everyone else.

Players already expected that the servers on Xbox and Playstation consoles may create trouble on launch date. As anticipated, when online heists got launched, everyone wanted to play it at the same time. Even players who had abandoned it on older generation consoles evinced a renewed interest to try the new missions and campaigns.

It obviously crashed the servers due to excessive overload. Rockstar immediately looked into the matter and it looks like things are under control now. They updated the status on their Twitter account to confirm that the issue has been fixed.

GTA Online Server Issues

Ever since the game came out, server issues have been consistent with GTA Online. Players have been complaining that it didn’t allow them to login, saved files went missing and there were more problems since the first day in the month of October. Many of the problems have been fixed with multiple patch updates and the online mode is much better than it used to be.

Because of these issues, players were largely annoyed. Rockstar tried to pacify those owners with in-game currency for GTA 5 as well as some additional goodies. Heists obviously had a lot of expectations which led to the increased traffic but things appear to be under control now. The PSN and Xbox Live crashed which prevented players from enjoying titles like Minecraft, Halo among many multiplayer games.

Four Player Co-op Missions

Heists is a ground breaking launch in GTA 5 which allow four players to take on a series of missions. Players with ranks above 12 can be the leader and they have to complete all the objectives to earn a handful of rewards. Besides the main heist objectives, the launch also brings three new players versus player games.

They are exceptionally interesting as one is about players trying to escape on a bicycle while other teams crush them in trucks. Another game is about runners and hunters whereas the last one is where a team defends a safe house while other attacks them. There are daily objectives as well as more additions expected to be added to heists. PC edition is scheduled for April launch at the moment.

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