The Sims 4 – Top Tips, Tricks and Cheats – Picking Useful Traits

The Sims franchise is quite a popular one and with the release of the new The Sims 4, there are a lot of players who are back into this great game.

EA Games also added a lot of content to the game, such as Athletic and Business career packs, objects, ghosts and cheats.

The Sims 4: Tips and Tricks

Using Sims’ mood in your advantage

In The Sims 4 game, all Sims have an emotion attached to them such as: sad, happy, mad, fine, etc. By performing actions, you can change their moods for example from sad to happy or vice-versa.

Get satisfaction points without using external cheating applications

There are more and more players using cheating software such as “Cheat Happens”. However, there are other ways to use cheats without using any cheat engine. Just turn on cheats by using the aspirations.complete_current_milestone cheat command. This will complete all your current aspiration’s goal and give you all the associate satisfaction points.

HINT: To activate the cheat command, use CTRL+Shift+C to bring up the game’s console and type “testingcheats true”. After this, press CTRL+SHIFT+C and type aspirations.complete_current_milestone to activate the cheat command.

Moving objects using a cheat

The move object cheat will allow you to create unique objects by combining two or more items together. For example, you can grab table and some chairs and move them together from a place to another.

In order to use this cheat, you will need to activate it by pressing CLTR+Shift+C and type “bb.moveobjects”.

Picking useful traits

There are several traits that you can take for your Sim, but not all of them are useful for your character. Below we will explain you a bit about these traits:

Active: Your Sim will be an energized person, helping other Sims to become more active as well. At the same time, this trait also helps you to build the fitness skill faster.
Self Assured: This trait will make your Sim be more confident, which will be a great help on the career progression.
Ambitious: This trait will help you to get a better job faster, which means that you will be making money a bit faster.
Romantic: The romantic trait will make your Sim reach the WooHoo with his/her loved one faster.

Creating some nice pools

You can now create the roof-top pool that you’ve dreaming about all the time. By creating an “inside-house” pool you will be able to remove the walls and use glass. This is great, because you can add some lights and set their colors the way you want. We’re pretty sure that this can be a romantic place to bring your loved one, which can end up with a WooHoo!

Placing the windows manually

Auto-placing windows on all the rooms might be a good idea. However, sometimes auto placing groups of windows is a pretty bad idea, as the game doesn’t group windows as it should. You can’t do anything about the elevation of the windows as a group, so you will need to adjust them manually.

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