Nintendo Makes Select Amiibo Figurines Cheaper at Retail

It’s common that the most popular figurines will always have higher demand than those that are least popular.

Nintendo has decided to drop prices on those slow selling models while hot ones are being sold for double or even triple the price in the second hand market.

For other companies, it is literally impossible to be able to create small toys that work with their games and sell them. If someone like Electronic Arts or Ubisoft try this, fans would immediately barrage them with negative comments and bring their reputation down. But, not with Nintendo or their newfound success with the Wii U console.

The company is known for being kid friendly and has always focused on creating games that are pure entertainment. They have been selling the same games for thirty years now and still continue to make a profit out of it which is why they are able to make so much cash out of these small Amiibos.

Meeting Demand

Popular stuff like Super Mario and Zelda were selling so quickly that Nintendo was literally not able to cope up with the demand. Even though, they have increased their production schedule, things still remain chaotic because there are too many who wish to grab hold of these little figures. Instead of trying to increase sales of these models that are already in demand, the company has dropped the price on some of them so that people are more inclined to add them to their collection.

Dropped Prices

The latest news is that Nintendo has reduced prices of three different Amiibo figurines which includes Yoshi, Peach and Donkey Kong. They used to be priced at $12.99 in the past which has now been dropped to just $9.99. Although it is not a huge difference, being able to get all of them for less than thirty bucks may definitely entice people to buy it.

The announcement was made on their official website and this news comes right before the company rolls out their new range of toys for the month of March. Some of them which are in most demand are being sold on multiple websites at high prices but the company confirmed that they don’t have direct control over products being purchased and resold at higher margins. Over 5.7 million of these Amiibos have been sold over the course and they are becoming popular choices among people for game saves besides special power-ups.

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