The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack, Life as a Doctor

The Sims 4 has always been a game that gets better with time, just like wine.

Instead of assuming that it lacks content by purchasing the base game, if you wait a bit more the best things are right around the corner, ready for launch.

In the virtual world, you can be anyone as you like to be. But, the only drawback is that even though the series is out for a long time, it never had a detailed career feature. Your Sim will go to work, do some stuff, earn money and come back. They even got promotions; but everything was limited to text updates and you didn’t have a direct control over your character even though it was there for relationships, building homes and much more.

Get to Work

For those of you who have been frustrated over this lack of feature, Get to Work expansion pack will be a great addition. The new DLC will allow you to explore a never before world, where you control every action and make your avatar a popular person in his or her office. The Sims 4 is getting this new pack, which will introduce four new professions. Each one of them is equally interesting. The list includes doctor, scientist, police and a businessman who aspires to become big in the world.

Each profession requires your utmost attention because unless and until you monitor their moves, they won’t be able to progress in their respective career. It is fun, makes you think and plan besides being wacky at times.

Save Lives, Be a Doctor

Being a doctor might sound like a really serious profession especially in the real world, but things are different in the Sims 4. The day begins as it would in a normal world where patients flock into see you every day. You will find someone waiting to get an x-ray and proceed with the analysis. But, the problem is that things suddenly go out of hand, when a pregnant woman bursts into the hospital, on the verge of delivering a baby.

You start working with your team to analyze and complete the surgery, if required, in a smooth manner. But, this is just the beginning because being a surgeon; you may be required in your neighborhood to provide some medical advice. It’s really exhausting but in the end every day will be fun, adventurous and lets you gain experience to climb up the professional ladder.

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