Boom Beach Huge Success Beats Clash Of Clans Popularity

Supercell is the company that created Clash of Clans. If you are familiar with this game, then you should know that the same company has released Boom Beach, which is another strategy game.

Boom Beach was released on March 24, 2014 and even if not many expected the game to become so popular in such a short time, it seems that’s already happening as there are new players every day installing this great game.

Clash of Clans is set in an “older” time period, but it seems that the developers decided to bring a modern look on the Boom Beach and it seems that they’ve succeeded. Even if the game is not yet in top 10 downloaded games, it’s in a direct “fight” with other Clash of Clans copies. Many don’t like Clash of Clans because of the art style and they found out that Boom Beach suits better their play style and at the same time it pleases their eyes.

The game play in Boom Beach is quite similar to Clash of Clans, this is why many Clash of Clans players tend to play both of the games. Currently, the mobile games business is growing and there are not many companies that can compete with Supercell. Some of the companies that dare to defy Supercell is King Digital, the developer of Candy Crush, or GungHo Entertainment, which created Puzzles and Dragons.

Let’s not forget that there are still people who don’t have yet an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. However, one day, in the near future they will buy an iPhone or an Android device, since there are many new smartphones that come at a very low price. Strategy and puzzle type of games are usually the most played games on mobile devices and according to some studies, gaming is one of the major activities that people have on their mobile devices.

Supercell has been working on Boom Beach even after the release, as the game is updated every now and then. Even if it is very similar with Clash of Clans, the developers made a way to make things a bit different.

One of the most popular games out there is Trivia Crack, which is a trivia game developed by Etermax. Trivia Crack started to be very popular on December 2014 and hopefully, that will soon happen with Boom Beach also.

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