Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Why is Surface Pro 3 so Popular?

Usually, most of us use our tablets for entertainment and distraction, while we get our work and tasks done on our laptops.

If you don’t want to be one of those people who have to carry around both the laptop and the tablet, maybe the Surface Pro 3 is the right device for you. Microsoft even goes so far to say that this tablet can replace your laptop. Although it can’t completely replace your laptop, it is a really powerful and talented device, often called hybrid. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a device that, for sure, you won’t forget at home or at your job. Once you get your hands on this hybrid, it will become vital, whether you need to get your work done, or just have some fun time.

Design and Key Specifications

Regarding the physical appearance of the Surface Pro 3, it has kept the basic Surface Pro concept. There is still a keyboard cover (optional, yet essential), pressure sensitive stylus, as well as an embedded kickstand. Still, compared to the original Surface Pro, there are some great moves and changes made to the design of this amazing hybrid. Besides the delightful, new silver color of the Surface Pro 3, there is also an amazing drop regarding its thickness-it is now just 9.1mm thick. Given its huge new 12-inch screen, at only 1.76 pounds-it is fairly light, too. There are no changes regarding the port selection-a power button, a headphone port, a volume rocker, USB 3.0 connection, and a Mini DisplayPort are all in the same places as ever. However, the kickstand is now changed in a big way and it can now be placed at nearly any angle within 22°and 150°. This device has Intel Core I CPUs, and you can choose anywhere between 64GB to 512GB of storage space.


Display on the Surface Pro 3 provides perfect image quality. Color accuracy is great and the colors are saturated and vivid. Combination of the Surface Pro 3’s large screen and its density of 216 pixels per inch delivers a high resolution (2140×1440), detailed and sharp photographs and videos, as well as razor-sharp text.


Regarding the battery life of the Surface Pro 3, things are pretty much the same as with its predecessor. According to Microsoft, the Surface Pro 3 can endure for up to 9hrs of internet surfing. The Surface Pro 3’s battery lasted 7hrs 34mins with mixing video watching and web browsing. Although this isn’t the best result compared to some other hybrids and laptops, it’s enough to provide you with whatever you need to do on your Surface Pro 3 through the day. Considering the thickness of the Pro 3 it is quite a miracle that its battery lasts this long. Another nice and helpful thing here is its compact charger and the embedded USB port.

This hybrid has in many ways improved from its predecessors, although the basic concept is mainly the same. Most of us are probably not ready to give up our laptops for this hybrid yet, but one thing is for sure- it would be hard to say no to have this amazing device in their hands.

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