Telegram Web better than WhatsApp Web?


Recently WhatsApp introduced the web version of their popular mobile chat client. To keep up with the trend, Telegram, its main competitor, released a similar browser app. Users are now able to chat with their friends without directly using their phones which covers a gap that has been long discussed by the community.

Now that both apps have this web functionality it is an excellent occasion to compare the two and see who comes out on top as there are some clear differences despite the fact that both mobile apps do almost the same thing.

Installation And Configuration

Since both Telegram Web and WhatsApp Web are browser version of their respective app, none of them requires an installation. All it takes it to follow the web link and perform some initial configuration to get it running.

In terms of configuration things are a bit different. WhatsApp web requires the user to scan a unique code displayed in the browser using the mobile app. Once scanned the web version will sync itself instantly and everything is ready to go.

Telegram on the other hand uses a mobile phone number authentication code. Users need to input their country and phone number in the web version and once done a verification code is sent to the mobile phone. When inputted in the browser the app will open and it will be ready to be used.

Features And Functionality

Both apps offer the same features in the web version that are available in the mobile application as well. There are very few differences to set them apart and for most part they feel like the same app. Even the user interface is fairly similar with menus placed in the same style and conversations being organized in the same way. For this part of the comparison it is difficult to say who takes the crown. What is clear is the fact that both apps have all the features and functionalities an user would expect and there is very little to be disappointed about.

There Are Some Problems Tho…

WhatsApp Web has one big issue in terms of how it works. Basically if the phone does not have an internet connection the app will stop working. This is because almost none of the user data is stored on their servers and the web version needs to pull data from the phone. Also when a message is sent it is routed through the phone.

Telegram on the other hand has a much more convenient web version as once it is setup it does not need to have the smartphone on and connected to the internet. This is because some of the user data is stored on their servers and thus allows the mobile and web app to function independently.

And The Winner Is…

Telegram takes the prize for one main reason. The fact that it does not depend on the smartphone to be on and connected to the internet makes it much more convenient to use. In fact this is one of the main reasons why someone would use the web version. WhatsApp on the other hand needs to improve the way the web version sends messages and maybe route them through their own servers instead of using the smartphone.

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