How to Make Phone Calls from your Apple Watch

You can make phone calls on your Apple Watch through many easy ways. Apple has its some smart competitors because of its so many new technologies. As the name suggests, Apple Watch offers some amazing advantages which will make you stun. Biggest advantage of this Apple Watch is that it can make a phone call directly from your wrist-worn device and has speaker and microphone as well. Here are some easy ways to start a conversation by talking to your watch.

To make a phone call on your watch use “Siri”

Siri makes the easiest way to make a phone call through your Apple Watch. Activate the voice assistant and just tell her who you want to call.

  1. Tap the screen to wake up the apple watch
  2. Activate Siri by speaking “Hey Siri”
  3. Just one word to say “Call” and the name of the person who you want to call
  4. If Siri shows more than one contact, just tap the one you want to call

Use the Friends app to make a phone call

Apple also provides opportunity to initiate a phone call through Friends app, which stores up to 12 of your favorite contacts from your iPhone.

  1. By pressing the side button, open the Friends app on your Apple Watch
  2. Tap the screen to select the person whom you want to call or turn the digital crown on the apple watch
  3. Tap on the call button to initiate a call

Through the Watch phone app you can make a phone call

Through this phone app you can even call the person who is not in your Friends list app by open the phone app to access everyone on your contact list.

  1. At the home screen of the Apple Watch open the dialer by tapping on the phone app
  2. Choose a contact from your favorites, recent or contacts
  3. Just tap the name of the contact who you want to call

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